What are the reasons to use 9apps?


Although there are several apps available in the marketplace, the one that is gaining significance among Android phone users is 9apps. There are many first-timers who would like to know why they should download this app on their mobile device and of what use it is to them.



It is without a doubt that this app is among the most useful of all apps to be created until date. For Android users, it is considered to be a boon, since it offers several benefits. It is also used as an app store to find out hundreds of apps in various categories. It is also considered to be much better than other app stores that have been developed by the well-known operating systems. Its usage, however, restricted to Android device users only. Google PlayStore is found not to allow downloading this app from its site because of some privacy issues. But still, anyone interested to have this amazing app on their Android device can download from Chrome, its APK version without any stress or difficulty.



It was a Chinese company that is credited with developing this app while searching for a substitute for all app stores available currently in the marketplace. This company was eager to come up with an app which will provide everything required by the user instantly.

Some advantages offered

The reason for its popularity and to download it on the Android device is because of the below-given aspects:

  • Besides offering a variety of high-quality apps, it also allows downloading of HD quality wallpapers, games music, ringtones, and much more, something that is not available at the other leading sources across the web. Wallpapers and games found here easily are undoubtedly the very best and enjoy great popularity among its users. It is considered to be an important feature which tends to differentiate this app from the others.
  • When compared to the Apple app store and Google Play store, this app is considered to work much better. It offers a variety of options, something that is incomparable. Moreover, the type of app offered by this application cannot be found on other sources. Besides this, an app not found on the app store or play store can be found here effortlessly. It also has a simple but highly effective, efficient, user-friendly, and pleasing interface, which allows users to enjoy using it all the time.
  • A major advantage derived from using this app is that it is available for free and not a single penny is charged for its usage, at any point in time. Users can also play different types of games as desired, download varieties of ringtones, wallpapers, music, all for free! It also does not occupy much space on the device and can be downloaded effortlessly. It does not use plenty of data from the phone as well as not affect any type of processing on the device.
  • It also supports all Android versions, thus making it easier to use it without any struggle.

Interested people may use a browser to download the APK version of the app. This process is not time-consuming and also very simple.