What Are The Plans With Roman Reigns IC Title Reign?

Source: wwe.com

We have had one unexpected and big title change during this last edition of Monday Night Raw. The Miz has been the Intercontinental Champion for quite a while now, and he hasn’t really done much with the belt. As a matter of fact, he didn’t have a lot of challengers over the past couple of months, none of the upcoming stars were put in the spotlight, and it is why the reign got stale.


There are some fans that like the fact that the belt is off The Miz, but they would rather see somebody else than Roman with the title. According to the reports, WWE has taken the championship of the A-Lister since he is going to be off Raw filming the next installment of the Marine movie. That is the main reason for the company wanting to take the belt off him.

Roman is the new Intercontinental Champion, and we hope that he is actually going to defend his belt while also not burying all the younger and newer talent that faces him for the belt. Since the company wants him to look strong, there is a good chance that he is going to go over every single opponent that he clashes with. Somebody like Elias would be a perfect challenger for him if the WWE is willing to make The Drifter look good in the feud.


The likely plans for Roman are that he is going to carry this belt to the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 34. We know that the plans are for him to face Lesnar for the Universal Championship and there is a chance that this becomes a Champion vs. Champion battle where the winner takes both titles. Reigns will bring his IC belt while Brock will offer his Universal Championship on the line. This looks like the most probable route for WWE.