What are Terpenes in CBD Oil?


Cannabis is made up of many different components, including cannabinoids such as CBD which you’ve probably heard of. Terpenes are another important part of CBD oil but not everyone is aware of what they are and the effect they produce. 

Did you know that these are part of every plant and flower on the planet? Or that you’re being bombarded with these everywhere in your daily life? To find more about this very common element and what part they play in CBD oil, keep on reading…https://www.hempura.co.uk/ takes us through all the info.


Terpenes: the basics

As mentioned above, terpenes are all around you constantly. There’s not a plant on the planet which doesn’t contain terpenes and they’re also in food, fruit, flowers and much more; you can even find them in cleaning products!

Not all are the same; some are delicate, floral or gentle while others have a bold or even meaty scent. In total, in excess of 20,000 different types have been identified. There is a rich variety, and this includes those found in CBD oil.

Terpenes are an organic compound which is particularly aromatic. They are found in the oils of plants and often act as a form of protection by attracting herbivore parasites and predators while simultaneously turning off herbivores. In flowers, they play an important part in pollination. 

Around 100 variants are produced by plants in the cannabis family, known for having a particularly distinctive scent. 

The amount of this substance produced by each individual plant is dependent on a number of different factors, including soil type, temperature, light and humidity. Even the time of day can make a difference! They are found in abundance on the tiny hairs on the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant so it’s essential that they are always handled gently to maximise the number of terpenes. 

More than just a scent


Although they are best known for their intense fragrance and the wide variety of scents, they do far more than provide an interesting aroma. 

When terpenes are dried out and cured, they are known as terpenoids. This process alters the their molecules and changes the scent and the taste. Both terpenes and terpenoids offer more than just fragrance and flavour though, the latest research has shown that they also influence the effect. 

Each individual is linked to a particular characteristic such as relaxation, mood elevation or mental acuity. However, when combined with other types, an interaction can occur which alters the effect the terps can have. More research is required into this cumulative effect – which is known officially as their “entourage effect”. However, even based on existing research, it’s clear that terpenes can be extremely beneficial. 

Terps and terpenoids have the ability to enhance the action of the cannabinoids such as CBD, allowing them to be processed through the bloodstream and bypassing the blood brain barrier more easily. When terpenes are present alongside CBD, the effect can be far more potent. This means when you buy CBD capsules in the UK, those which contain terpenes could be the most powerful. 

It is however essential that the terps included contribute to the same end goal, and have a synergy. If there are counteracting terpenes present, the potency of the CBD oil could be diminished. 

A guide to common terpenes

With so many potential terps found in cannabis and hemp, it’s impossible to state explicitly what you might find in specific CBD capsules in the UK. Some lab reports will include terps in their results, or you can look for information on the listing. 

Here are some of the most common terps found in cannabis and hemp, their effect and where you can find them:



Fragrance: Pine

Effect: Improved memory, alertness, potential to counteract THC effects

Medicinal qualities: Anti-anxiolytic, analgesic, respiratory

Used for: Anxiety, asthma, ulcers, cancer, chronic pain

Also found in: Pine needles, parsley, basil, rosemary and dill



Fragrance: Herbal, musky, earthy, cloves

Effect: Relaxing, sedating

Medicinal qualities: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic

Used for: Insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation

Also found in: Thyme, lemongrass, hops, mango



Fragrance: Citrus

Effect: Improved mood, stress relief

Medicinal qualities: Antidepressant, anti-anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic

Used for: Cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, anxiety/depression

Also found in: Juniper, rosemary, fruit rinds, peppermint



Fragrance: Cloves, spicy, woody

Effect: Eases stress

Medicinal qualities: Analgesic, antidepressant, anti-anxiolytic

Used for: Anxiety/depression, chronic pain, ulcers

Also found in: Cinnamon, cloves, black pepper



Fragrance: Floral

Effect: Improved mood, relaxation

Medicinal qualities: Anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiolytic, antidepressant, analgesic

Used for: Neurodegenerative conditions, anxiety/depression, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammatory disease

Also found in: Lavender



Fragrance: Earthy, woody, hops

Effect: Appetite suppressant

Medicinal qualities: Anti-inflammatory

Used for: Inflammatory conditions

Also found in: Cloves, basil, hops, coriander



Fragrance: Woody, sweet, herbal

Effect: Energising

Medicinal qualities: Decongestant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral

Used for: Respiratory congestion, fungal conditions, prevention

Also found in: Orchids, kumquats, mangoes, pepper, mint, parsley, basil



Fragrance: Herbal, floral, pine

Effect: Relaxing

Medicinal qualities: Sedative, antibacterial, anti fungal, antioxidant

Used for: Insomnia, anxiety, cancer, fungal conditions, prevention

Also found in: Conifers, tea tree, lilacs, cumin, nutmeg, apples

As described above, there are many tens of terps which could be present within CBD oil in the UK; these are some of the most common terpenes from the cannabis or hemp plant. 

Essential for full-spectrum CBD oil

If you buy CBD oil in the UK, you’ll have the choice of various options. Full-spectrum CBD oil is a popular variant and relies on terps to help deliver powerful results. 

Choosing a full-spectrum CBD product means that you’ll have the benefit of the entourage effect mentioned above, where various terpenes accentuate the CBD cannabinoids. Terps allow the full natural effects of CBD to be felt and provide a deeper, more intense and balanced result. 

Therefore, when buying CBD oil in the UK look for the inclusion of terpenes alongside potent cannabinoids and you can be confident you’re purchasing a premium product.