Disappointment, shock and elimination, are the three words that hit you every time you try and think about the Cowboys since Sunday night. Why? Well, you are all aware that they lost the game against Seahawks. Yes? OK. Then you probably also know that Cowboys had Elliott back, finally, as well as the help in the form of Detroit Lions who managed to lose, and in New Orleans, pretty much the same thing with the Atlanta Falcons who also drop the ball. Need we say more?

The game that Dallas played on Sunday night was terrible and thanks to that the Seahawks (9-6) eliminated them with a 21-12 score. You can try and search all you want, but there is no one else to blame but the Cowboys themselves. This was also confirmed by Prescott who stated “We dropped the ball. All those other things are irrelevant.” There were a lot of mistakes and controversy, but the fact is that no one can pin their situations to the zebras. Cowboys managed to gag, and that is it!

Dez Bryant 2

Their fall started with the two bad throws that Prescott made. First one was a really ugly throw that got returned 30 yards by Justin Coleman, and the second one was a too-hot fling over the middle for Bryant that eventually ended up in arms of K.J. Wright. That second throw actually killed the chance of achieving a possible scoring drive late in the Q3. The first touchdown for Seattle (near the end of first half) was aided by the carless Bryant who managed to allow Byron Maxwell to rip the football out for the fumble and after five snaps, Russell Wilson hit Jimmy Graham for the TD.

As you all know, Elliot came back from his six-game suspension with his spirits high and fresh legs. He was all rejuvenated after his training in Cabo San Lucas, but as it turned out, despite the fact that he found his rhythm immediately and rushed for 97 yards on 24 carries, it was way too late to make any difference for the team. But maybe it was for the best because Cowboys that we all saw on Sunday against Seahawks was not a team that should be in the playoffs, no matter what you think. If they actually managed to pull through in Sunday, with a performance like that, they were destined to be one-and-done.

Ezekiel Elliott 7

What was even more interesting is that, with the season on the line, they didn’t manage to score a TD. They also gambled that chance in the Q4 with first-and-goal from the 3-yard line. Frustratingly enough, their best player, Elliott never got the ball, despite the fact that they could smell the goal line. It was the chance for them, but somehow, on first down, Prescott was stuffed on a run-pass option. After that came the second down incompletion, and Witten’s holding penalty, which cost them 10 yards. The do-over down was dramatic as well since Prescott managed to get sacked by Frank Clark, and the crown on top was the third-and-goal from the 23, that Prescott threw over the middle for Witten and which ended up nowhere, as you saw.

Prescott and Wagner

After that, naturally, the boos started! According to Prescott, Seattle “beat us situationally.” But as it seems to us, Seahawks (who generated just 136 yards of total offense) managed to beat them strategically as well. Prescott continued to explain the decision not to ride Elliott at the goal line by saying “I never question the offensive coordinator, especially when he is putting the ball in my hands. I’m not going to say, ‘Let’s run the ball. Take the ball out of my hands.’ I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t think about it until now.” What is really sad is that everything was going OK for Dallas at one point, until Sunday came. It is sad, but hey that is how this game works. Sometime you will be graced, and other times you will find yourself home for Christmas … and for the playoffs, too.


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