Water Pipe Explosion In Ukraine Leaves a Huge Crater!(VIDEO)


There was an explosion in the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev, on Monday. Here you can see the moment when an underground water pipe exploded wreaking havoc all around sending rocks and soil everywhere and damaging property and cars.

The aftermath of the explosion was a six square meter hole in the ground and a flood of muddy water in the street.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that one lady(cream-colored sweatshirt) watched the whole thing but not one rock hit her. Fortunately, she left the scene unharmed.

These high-pressure water pipes were used to funnel hot water to housing areas from central heating plants. This pipeline, which normally carries scalding water was at that moment filled with cold water, and that is once again, pure luck for locals. Government officials have been investigating the situation, and they wonder why the water had not been warm in particular.

Right after the ‘detonation’ the muddy water from the pipeline flooded the street, and there you can see another lady watching the situation in disbelief.


The company which is responsible for the communal pipeline claim that the problematic pipeline hadn’t been in use for 37 years. Therefore they were heavily criticized since a single water pipe can only operate for 25 years before being replaced. It is obvious that the previously used pipe should not be put into service again, especially not after 37 years.

Upon turning off the water investigators inspected the area so as to assess the situation and write a report. The team will also be in charge of supervising the reparations.

Olexander Gusev, an eyewitness, said: ‘The burst pipe created a fountain that was seven stories high.’

We have left you a few photos of the whole unfortunate event where you can see the aftermath and the moment of explosion. One can clearly see how much force the explosion produced judging from the hole in the asphalt that looks as if it was a bomb or rocket that hit it.