Wasteland 2 fans know that the game is already one year old and that it made a huge impact on the gaming scene. Now the developers – inXile Entertainment is trying to utilize the momentum from Wasteland 2 and launch the next installment of it named Wasteland 3.

What is clear right on the top is that the next installment isn’t going to be a simple and small upgrade and a rip off the buyers on the base of the previous one. Gamers can expect a whole lot of new features such as new vehicles, environmental dangers, and more fluid started from scratch in game action system. Well, you might argue that this is all expected from a new installment anyways, so what is really new? The inXile Entertainment is proud to introduce the story-driven multiplayer in Wasteland 3 that could either be synchronous or asynchronous, combined with the chance to improve your Ranger Base. The dialog system will also get redone, and by nonothers than the writers of “Torment: Tides of Numenera” (which is also an upcoming fantasy role-playing game from the developers).

In this installment of Wasteland, you are set in the arctic tundra of frozen Colorado and are starting as a sole survivor of the Ranger team named November where you’ll have to work to regain your reputation which should be your most important objective. On the Multiplayer side of things, you will be given control of your own squad of Rangers, with a possibility of sharing missions and splitting up to cover more of the games ground. You will also be allowed to play Wasteland 3 while your partner/friend is offline, but keep in mind that these things might affect other players in the long run. As I already mentioned new vehicles will be introduced, and you will be given a chance to use them to survive, travel quicker and upgrade them to your liking. You will also be provided with the opportunity to use them in combat to save your life using them as a hardcover.

One more important info is that the inXile Entertainment is continuing their tradition on this installment of the game which will be crowdfunded as well. What is different this time is that the company ditched Kickstarter and decided to go with the FIG where you can actually invest in the game instead of just back it up. The campaign is announced for October 5th, and the goal is set at $2.75 million and inXile Entertainment will take a max of $2.25 million for equity. The minimum investment is $1.000, and if you choose to back up the project, you can contribute even with a smaller amount.


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