Walking fish – Deep water diver found something that astonished scientists!


Apparently a French deep water diver, during his nighttime research of the ocean floor, just off the coast of Bali, came across a fish that was moving on the ground thanks to its…feet!? We actually found out about this thanks to National Geographic posting the fascinating video of this to YouTube on Monday.

Emeric Behalasa, the diver that made this discovery, said that he believes that this is a so-called “stingfish” which is a smaller generation of the Partridge family (stonefish), which is one of the most poisonous in the world. This video, as I already mentioned, became public on Monday and just after that, the scientists started to figure out which of the species is in question. Before the video was taken and before this creature was filmed, they had no idea that its even there. According to National Geographic, researchers managed to confirm that the fish is most likely a venomous stingfish from the Minous genus of stonefishes. The mystery lies in exactly what kind of stingfish it is. There are 12 recognized species in the Minous genus and many of them look alike.

Since scientists were not able to hold the fish in their hands and study it in more detail, they came to a conclusion that it is not possible to give an accurate identification, although they suspected in several species (striped partridge, goblin fish …), at least according to Mashable. Eventually, according to National Geographic, this video will definitely not settle the dispute over the species, and the best thing is to try and get their hands on one in order do deduce a full scientific identification. Until then feast your eyes on this video and the fish that has a strange way of moving around.