Voltron Season 4 Release Date

image source: denofgeek.com

Voltron: Legendary Defender is an extremely popular TV show with a large number of fans, so everyone is always eager to find out more on this magnificent animated series. While you’re enjoying its second season these days, we’re bringing some great news for you.

Even though Season 3 hasn’t even been released yet, we already know that Voltron Legendary Defender will be needed once more. Right after the third season which will contain seven episodes, there will be a fourth one containing six new chapters.

Namely, season 3 will come out on August 4th and season 4 will follow in the autumn, that is to say in October of 2017. The exact date hasn’t been defined yet.

Fans might worry that the original 78 episodes were cut down, but that’s definitely not the case. Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery spoke that Netflix wanted to give fans more Voltron episodes more often.

Since there are seven episodes in the third season and six in the fourth, it seems that they split up what was supposed to be season three into two parts. Montgomery and Dos Santos said that the season 3 finale wouldn’t be as big as the one in season two, so it is possible that the premiere of season 4 wouldn’t have to pick up as major a cliffhanger.

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While season four will be what fans originally expected the back half of season three would be, we can also suppose that season four will have a huge cliffhanger.

We don’t know yet whether other seasons will be split up like this or whether season five will go back to the thirteen episode format. Nonetheless, stay tuned for more updates because we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. All of us are looking forward to hearing information on Voltron: Legendary Defender, but we can wait patiently because we know there will be 2 more seasons to look forward to.