Volkswagen I.D. Concept – Details and Images


Volkswagen I.D. Electric Concept is the very first car in the company based on Modular Electric Drive architecture. This car also comes with the new design which we will able to see on some future electric cars. The new I.D. will hit the market in 2024.

The electric motor that produces 168 hp is inserted into the car and Volkswagen claims that it takes it less than 8 seconds to complete 0-62mph (0-100km/h) run. The top speed of the vehicle is 99 mph (159km/h). The range of the car is estimated to be 400 to 600 km (249 to 373 miles) per charge.

As for the production model, it can come with more or less powerful electric motors. Moreover, the customers will be able to choose between battery packs that have different capacities.

The distribution of weight is 48:52 percent front to rear because the battery is located in the center of the concept. You can charge it by using a cable or drive it to the charging station where it takes only 30 minutes for the battery to reach 80%.

The I.D. can also brag with the fully automated driving. If you want the car to drive itself, you just need to press the logo on the steering wheel and hold it for three seconds. After that, you can just relax because the steering wheel will retreat into the dashboard.

The car is equipped with four laser scanners which are located on the roof and a front camera. Furthermore, there is also side area view cameras, ultrasonic and radar sensors which all together make the automated driving possible. Also, the car can find parking space without you doing anything. If the driver wants to regain control, all he has to do is press brake or accelerator pedal. These features will appear on cars from 2025.

The I.D. contains many modern technologies such as a head-up display which can project virtual images on the windscreen which seem to be 49 feet ahead of the vehicle. When the satellite navigation is on, you can see where exactly your car will turn off.

There is also a 10-inch display on which you can check all kinds of information as well as the speed of the car and range.