Visit Semarang 2024: A Travel Guide For First Timers


Just like another prominent town, Semarang features a lot of rivers in the center of the town, which is why it has often been referred to as “the Venice of Java”. Although a lot of locals and people consider it to be the leading trade hub rather than a location suitable for tourists, there are still a lot of things to see, do, and try while there.

If you’re planning on visiting this beautiful capital city, you might want to learn what are some experiences that you cannot overlook. Fortunately for all people that want to learn the same thing, our travel guide below can help! Here is our list of the top things to know, see, do, and try while in Semarang:

Top 3 Things to Know

1. It’s Best to Visit it From May to September

Semarang is known for its arid and hot climate, which means that there are a lot of sunny days. Because it’s so hot, it’s best if you sightseeing and explore the area in the mornings, especially from May to September, since they’re the hotest months. Now, you should know, from October until spring, there are a lot of rainy days, as well as monsoons, thus, you might want to avoid visiting this mesmerizing location during that time.

2. You Won’t Need Warm Clothes

If you were wondering what you should pack for the trip, just remember that you won’t need any warm clothes. Hence, you should pack clothes and shoes suitable for a hot and arid climate, and it’s advisable that you also take a raincoat with you so that you can protect yourself if it suddenly starts raining. Also, you mustn’t forget to bring your swimsuit with you, especially since there are some amazing beaches that you can visit and spend time on.

3. There is an Increasing Number of Hotels

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of business people in this city, which is why a lot of hotels are aimed towards accommodating them. However, since there is an increase in tourists in the last couple of years, there is also an increase in new places to stay, including Hotel Aruss. Whatever place you choose to stay, you should know that it’ll be relatively cheap and you’ll most likely be offered some amazing services and deals for an amazing value.

Top 4 Things to Do, Try, And See

1. For The Adventurous + Photographers – “The Brown Canyon”

If you like hiking, as well as taking photographs of beautiful scenery and nature, you shouldn’t neglect to see the Brown Canyon, situated in Rowosari. Similarly to the Grand Canyon in the United States, this place will also feature mesmerizing tall cliffs with vast vegetation extending throughout the location. Since it has a panoramic view, it’s popular among photographers – both experienced and novice – hence, if you enjoy taking photos, this is a location that you cannot miss out on seeing.

An intriguing fact about the Brown Canyon is that it has originally been built for mining various ores and minerals, but since the cliffs naturally changed and eroded over the decades, it’s now a prevalent tourist location as well. You should keep in mind that it’s to visit it during the weekends since there tend to be fewer crowds, and more importantly, you won’t come across any miners that usually work there throughout the week.

2. For The Gourmets – “The Semawis Night Market”

If you’re staying in this city during the week and weekends, you must head to the night market, which is often referred to as the Chinatown of the area. It’s situated in Gang Warung, and if you opt to head there, you’ll quickly be amazed by the wide range of meals and beverages that you can try. You should know that the meals and beverages prepared there are mostly regional Indonesian, as well as Chinese, hence, you should be able to find something new to try.

Basically, you’ll be capable of browsing through different offers from street vendors, and don’t overlook trying the noodles, stews, rice, and more importantly, desserts that are presented there! Also, you’ll most likely find specialties coming from this particular region, hence, you must make sure that you try Lumpia as well! If you’re a foodie that loves trying new things, this place is definitely for you, and don’t be surprised if the food there leaves your taste buds craving for more.

3. For The History Buffs – “Sam Poo Kong Temple”

If you like exploring and visiting historical landmarks, you should definitely opt for seeing Sam Poo Kong Temple. This particular complex was erected as a way to remember Admiral Cheng Ho, who was an explorer during his time. It was constructed in the late 15th century and it’s worth mentioning that it’s the oldest Chinese complex that you can see in the area, which is why you cannot miss out on seeing this breathtaking complex.

Now, you should know, there is a festival that is annually held there, which is why you should visit it during the 6th month of the lunar calendar. However, besides this particular event, there are also other ones that are being held during this time of the year, hence, if possible, you might want to book a ticket during that particular time, mostly because you’ll experience the amazing and interesting culture and customs the locals have.

4. For The Daring – “Lawang Sewu”

Yet another historic location, Lawang Sewu is translated to the place of a thousand doors. Back in the colonial period of the city, this location was utilized by the Dutch East railway company, however, soon after that, it became known as a haunted place. Because of this, it’s frequently visited by film crews, as well as ‘ghost hunters’ that try and get a video or photograph of the ghosts that some people claim to reside in the halls.


If you’re planning on visiting Semarang, you must definitely consider following our tourist guide from above, mostly because it’ll allow you to truly experience everything that this place has to offer. Since you now know what the top things to see, try, and do while there are, don’t lose time, instead, start planning your trip right away!