9 Things to know before going to Hawaii for the first time


Is there a place on the globe more elusive and dreamier than the archipelago we know as Hawaii? It has become synonymous with tropical paradises, distant destinations you only get to see once or not at all, and the type of luxurious summer holidays everyone hopes for. The fiftieth state that became a part of the USA is one of the most popular places on the planet and there are far too many reasons for one article to fit. Instead, we will talk about a similarly important topic.

If you ever get a chance to visit Hawaii, like for your honeymoon or that once in a lifetime splurge holiday you have always dreamed of, there are certain things you need to know about this place. In the article ahead we will talk about these things so that you can make sure your holiday is as good and enjoyable as it can possibly be. Pay close attention so as not to miss a key detail. In addition, to find out even more travel information regarding your trip to Hawaii, check out https://www.travelthefoodforthesoul.com/the-ultimate-hawaii-travel-guide/.

1. General Info and the Basics


Hawaii has plenty of nicknames, two of the most popular and wide known being The Paradise of the Pacific and The Aloha State. It is situated about 2,000 miles or 3,200 kilometers from the mainland of USA and it is the only state not part of the North American continent. It is also, of course, the only archipelago state and the only tropical destination the USA has. To round up its interesting facts, it is also one of the handful of states that used to be a completely independent nation. There are 137 volcanic islands that comprise the state, spanning 2,400 kilometers or 1,500 miles. The total area is almost 11,000 square miles, the land being 6,423. More than 1.45 million people live on the archipelago.

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2. Eight Main Islands


Unlike some other tropical archipelagos on the planet that usually have one or two main islands people visit, Hawaii actually has eight. From northwest to the southeast, they are Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui, and Hawai’i. The last of these is how the whole archipelago got its name. It is also known as the Big Island or the Hawaii Island. There are uninhabited islands in the northwestern region, which make up a marine national monument protected area. Chances are you will probably go to either Maui or The Big Island for your first time around, since that is where most tourists go and where the best beaches and resorts are. Opportunities for a fun holiday are present everywhere, but these two are usually the ones people choose first.

3. Culinary Delights and Fine Dining in Hawaii

When it comes to dining in Hawaii, you’re in for a treat. The islands offer a delightful blend of culinary experiences, from casual beachside eateries serving fresh seafood and traditional Hawaiian dishes to upscale restaurants showcasing a fusion of global flavors. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor dishes like poi, lomi salmon, and kalua pig at local joints to get a taste of authentic Hawaiian cuisine. For those seeking fine wining and dining, Hawaii boasts an array of gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite meals paired with world-class wines while overlooking breathtaking ocean views. Whether you’re indulging in a traditional Hawaiian feast or sipping on a glass of fine wine, Hawaii’s dining scene is a journey for your taste buds that complements the natural beauty of the islands. The best way to know when and where to eat is to read one of the best Hawaii Restaurant Guides.

4. You Do Not Have to Hop Islands


Island hopping is an attractive phenomenon in which tourists want to visit as many different islands of an archipelago as possible during their stay. With Hawaii, you do not really need to do this nor does it pay to try it. The individual islands are diverse and rich enough so staying on one and the same throughout your holiday is far better. There is a similar diversity of geography, culture, and food, so there is no need to travel between them. It makes much more sense to explore the one you are staying on even if you are spending more than a week there. It is a big place, bigger than people realize, so losing time in transportation and not enjoying its riches to the fullest is not advised.

5. Indulge in the Specialties

It goes without saying, but you should always try new specialties when visiting a new place. The local food here is amazing and you will surely fall in love with it. Tuna and other seafood are the way to go. Marinated in veggies, sauces, spices, and herbs, these tasty and healthy dishes are all you will need while there. Spicy, sweet, or savory, the choice is yours. If the freshest poke is what you want, visiting Hawaii is when you will try it. Sides of rice, macaroni salad, and seaweed are common. Be sure to try small, family owned local restaurants instead of larger chains and franchises. Their tastes are more authentic.

6. Visit a Luau, but Not Immediately!


First-time visitors of Hawaii want to experience a luau as soon as possible and indulge in the traditions and the culture of the place while eating the best food there is. However, this is usually a mistake because luau tickets are expensive. Making the most of the whole trip should be more important that splurging on one night, so it is better to leave it for the penultimate night for example. It is also a problem if you are skipping multiple time zones, since luaus end late at night and the food arrives later than usual. Buying the tickets and not being able to enjoy it to the fullest would be a waste. You need to be energetic and well with the flow of the surroundings to have the maximum amount of fun.

7. Take Care of the Reef


Not many know this, but sunscreen may cause harm to the ocean life. When going snorkeling and scuba diving, you will need to protect yourself against the sun. However, you must also protect the coral reefs. Therefore, only use reef safe sunscreens in this amazing place so that you do not ruin it for others. Oxybenzone in the regular sunscreen products is harmful to the corals in Hawaii, bleaching them of their marvelous colors and killing them. Purchase products on the islands as they are all safe for the reefs.

8. Pay Attention to the Forecast

While checking the weather before you go is crucial for a good time and knowing how to pack, checking the weather while actually there is also important. You always need to make sure the weather conditions and the temperature are within reason before hikes and other prolonged activities. Rains are heavy on islands and it does not take long for things to go south. Downpours could last for hours and the rivers are already hard to cross even when it is sunny. They will rise rapidly in rainfall and be very challenging and dangerous to traverse.

9. Know what to Do


Last but not least, here is a quick rundown of things people often forget to do while in Hawaii for the first time:

– Tour Your Island Yourself – You can rent a car and not miss anything you wanted to see.

– See the Manta Rays – It is the experience of a lifetime and you can even snorkel with them.

– Visit the Cultural Centers – Meet the people and the culture while you are there.

– Try Ziplining – Get the adrenalin running and marvel at the stunning views.