Vince McMahon Might Be Bringing Back XFL


Back in 2001, Vince McMahon had a deal with NBC, and they created the XFL. It was an alternative to the NFL, and it ran in the off-season. The idea was to have a smaller number of rules and to allow a bit of a rougher play than the NFL actually does. There has been one season of XFL before it was canceled after the summer of 2001.

There is no doubt that XFL is one of Vince’s biggest failures since he himself has stated that it was a huge mistake. Now, it seems that Vince is ready to do it again and that he is planning to re-launch XFL in 2024.

The difference between Vince now and Vince back in 2001 is the fact that WWE has been making more money than ever over the past couple of years. On the other hand, we know that he is a good businessman and he for sure sees that NFL has taken a small hit over the past couple of years and certainly has dropped in popularity since XFL has been around the last time.


McMahon even sold 100 million worth of shares in order to create the new company that is going to be running the XFL. He doesn’t want the XFL to have any negative effect on the current shareholders in the WWE as well as the product itself.

If there is another failure to the XFL looming, Vince wants that to have nothing to do with the WWE or not to be linked to the biggest wrestling company in any way. Only time will tell whether or not these rumors end up being true. 2024 might be the year when XFL does return, and this time succeeds.