Vin Diesel’s And Dwayne Johnson’s Feud Find Its Culmination On WWE Stunt?


Seemingly harmless disagreements between two Fast and Furious co-stars Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, seems to take a whole new level.

Bigotry allegedly started on the set of Fast 5, when the actor and former WWF champion Dwayne Johnson join the team. Rumor has it Vin Diesel’s “unprofessional behavior” on the set of Fat 8 was unacceptable to The Rock, and he starts the whole online campaign to attack his colleague indirectly. He was complaining about Diesel’s often filming delays, as well at the time he was spending relaxing in his trailer while the rest of the cast were waiting.

Diesel didn’t stay put, and soon he answered with a Facebook video disclosing that The Rock never was the first director’s choice for his role in Fast 5. The original plan was to go with Tommy Lee Johns, but at the end, filmmakers did choose Dwayne Johnson.

The debate continued heating up when a Scorpion King actor went viral again. In his new message, he thanked all his cast crew and praised them all, forgetting one name only – Diesel.

The feud soon hit the ceiling so intense that apparently, the only outcome would be a real clash of the titans in the wrestling ring, scheduled for the upcoming WrestleMania 33.

At the thought of the actual ring fight, fans get excited, but when date and place of the future event were mentioned, they thought they actually could be manipulated. Considering the fact that wrestling competition will take a place only a few days before the big premiere of Fast and Furious 8, it can be concluded that maybe all fuss was about the publicity. Could they be faking their enmity to promote both Fast 8 and the WrestleMania?

As a new movie inevitable will be hit with late Paul Walker absence, maybe two musclemen pumped up a drama little bit in order to take away attention from that fact also.

Wrestlemania 33 taking place on April 2nd, and Fast 8 premiere is scheduled for April 14th, 2017. Whether there’ll be bruises or not in this long – awaited event remains to be seen.