Vin Diesel Puts Fighting with The Rock on Hold to Work on Boxing Drama


It seems that Vin Diesel has a fast and furious plan to broaden his interest to TV networks, in addition to Hollywood movies.

The famous actor spent this past year crossing swords with his companion from the Fast & Furious Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but that is okay because that’s exactly what families made of millionaire movie stars do. Now, Vin Diesel is saving up his energy in order to develop a TV show about boxers. Allegedly, NBC has accepted a brand new boxing drama made by Diesel and Virgil Williams, writer of Mudbound, which is his first feature movie. The show even has an appropriate title that one would expect for a series that has Vin Diesel as an executive producer, and it is called Crushers Club. Alongside Vin Diesel, another executive producer is Shana C. Waterman.

The show is written by Williams who is very experienced with crime procedurals. In addition, the series represents a drama that last an hour and that focuses on “a struggling boxing gym, which serves as a second home for kids in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.” The gym receives some aid from Sonia, “a single mom from the suburbs who has found new purpose in her life,” which in all probability includes commuting to and from the city for something other than food. This show is one of the three series that are under One Race banner by Vin Diesel. Also, this is the only original property, as the other series are both reboots, one fo them being Get Christie Love for ABC, and the other being Miami Vice for NBC.

As for the casting, it has probably begun, but none of it is official yet. We will make sure to keep you updated and deliver any new information we get concerning this project. Stay tuned!