Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins – Week 10 Picks And Predictions

Source: redskins.com

Minnesota Vikings have looked like one of NFL’s best teams and a true Super Bowl contender back when they were 5-0. A couple of weeks later and a couple of losses later, we are not sure that this team will even win the division or make the Playoffs. Lions and Packers are right in the mix for the NFC North title.

Sam Bradford is struggling, but it’s not all his fault. Stefon Diggs is the only real weapon that he has at his disposal. When Kyle Rudolph was playing good football and getting open, this squad was winning. Without him playing at a high level, this offense has a tough time moving the chains and moving them in the right direction.

Redskins are one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. They are talented and have a lot of playmakers on their squad. They are not a bad bunch looking at the names there, but they are a team that just can’t put it together each and every round. They present them as the real deal one week and then they follow up that with some disappointing performances.

Source: vikings.com
Source: vikings.com

Washington is still in the mix for the wild card spot, but they need to win games and to start winning right now. No more room for errors. The time is now for the Washinton Redskins.

Vikings are struggling, so it’s really hard for us to pick them in this one, especially considering that they are playing on the road. This defense is not going to be able to carry the team in the Nations Capital. We are with the Redskins on this one. It’s going to be a tight match, with a lot of mistakes, turnovers, and miscues, but Redskins will somehow prevail at the end. The final score will be 21:19 in favor of the home team.