Vikings Season 4 Finale Episode Spoilers


As you probably already know, Vikings Season 4 is the show’s last one and its final episode (Episode 20), titled “The Reckoning,” will air on History channel on February 1. The last episode is supposed to show the battle between The Great Army and King Ecbert and his son Prince Aethelwulf and which of the two sides will score a victory. Instead of just guessing what might happen, we have prepared for you some finale spoilers, as the last two episodes have been reported to have leaked through Russian media.

According to International Business Times, FaZe Hnefataf, a Reddit user, was the one to break the news that “Vikings” Episode 19 and 20 appeared on a Russian site, but only in Russian, without the English subtitles. As it was mentioned previously, we will see that, on the one hand, The Great Army is not giving up on their plan to defeat King Ecbert so as to avenge Ragnar’s death. On the other side, King Ecbert is also convinced that his plan will work and that he will win the battle. In addition to this, Prince Aethelwulf realizes that The Great Army’s plan might put himself in danger.

That is not all as Siver Times reports suggest that more specific details about the Episode 20 have been revealed. Namely, according to this website, Prince Aethelwulf’s army will be defeated by The Great Army, but The Great Army will not stop there – they move on and attack Wessex. King Ecbert will be at the mercy of Bjorn, who will eventually let him live, but the king will then commit suicide. Also, we have found out that Tanaruz will stab Helga, while Ivar The Boneless will kill Sigurd. Finally, it has been suggested that these aren’t the only characters who will die in the last episode of the popular series, and this was even confirmed by Michael Hirst, the “Vikings” showrunner. More precisely, he said that “death comes to important people”.

The last episode is also expected to introduce one new character – Heahmund, a medieval bishop. He will be played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

As you can see, Episode 20 will be rather interesting and exciting, so do not miss to watch it on February 1 at 9:00 pm on History.

Even we have all these details about the possible ending for this season there are still fans that think that Vikings Season 5 will come. At this point, these are only rumors and we have no confirmations regarding the sequel.