The Usos vs. Breezango – Backlash PPV Picks And Predictions


Nobody really expects this match to steal the show on Sunday, but we have to tell you that this has been a feud that was flowing under the radar. Breezango has been great in the past couple of weeks as they have been in the role of a comedy face tag team. They have had very enjoyable segments on Smackdown Live, but is it enough for the WWE officials to book them as winners here?

The Usos have also cut a great promo last week. It is amazing just how much a promo can impact the match. They haven’t had a lot to work with, but they did a good job for most of the time. All in all, the heel turn has been a success for them as there were no villain tag teams on the brand. They have taken advantage of that fact and now are tag champs.

There is no doubt that Tyler Breeze and Fandango are starting to get over with the fans. They are two great workers that have a lot to give in the tag division or even as mid-card acts on the Smackdown Live. The question here is whether or not the WWE is just experimenting with them or are they really planning to use them going forward giving them a proper push.

It would be great to see them with the tag team titles, but our gut feeling here is that the WWE wants to do the New Day vs. The Usos going into the summer and the Summerslam. It seems that it is the biggest tag team feud on the brand that they can do so we are going to pick the Usos to come out on top, but the belts on Breezango would look good. Winner: The Usos.