Visual identity of any company is very important, especially in the age of the internet where you need to be seen and remembered as fast as possible. One of the ways you can establish this is through designed, personalized stickers that will make you unique and remembered on the market. There are many ways usage of the different types of stickers may be used in any marketing campaign, and here we will discuss how to use them in your advantage and what to pay attention to in order to get the most of it.

Different types of stickers

When it comes to the personalized stickers that you will use in the marketing campaign, it is essential to choose the type. This means that you can make an old fashioned one, that needs to be placed on different places, or invest in the online ones or both. This highly depends on the nature of the campaign and the product, service, or business that is being marketed.

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If you are doing a campaign for a restaurant, for example, you might want to invest in both, since this will increase the visibility and you will have two fronts that you will be covering. The more fields you cover, you will increase the visibility of it and the number of people that have seen it. Seeing is the first step to remembering and recognizing the brand. Once the brand is recognized there are increased chances of interaction as well as an increase in the visits.

So, when choosing put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and try to imagine where and how you can present this in order to feel natural, rememberable, and not too flashy to be repellent. Our recommendation is to go for both if you can, and if not, use the old fashioned ones since people are more used to seeing these.

Design is important

You might have heard this a million times, and there is a good reason why this is so. Everything starts with a good design and failing in this may compromise the entire campaign, so take your time and do this with a lot of caution.

Firstly, the thing about the product and how you would like the stickers to look like in order to match. It is important to take as much time as you need for this step since the design should be a visual representation of the business that is being marketed.

Once you have a design, the thing about the colors since you want to choose a color palette that is pleasant for the eye and matches the ones that are on the logo or the visual identity of the thing that is marketed. A good choice of colors will make the sticker be pleasant for the eye as well as give it a note of sophistication. If the colors you choose are too flashy, neon or too bright and do not go with one another the sticker might be too much to be comprehended and most people will turn away from it.

In addition to this, being aware of the quality of the design is essential, since the stickers should be printed, and by choosing poor quality may lead to low-quality stickers that will not look good and give a bad feeling to the viewer. It is best to use vectors and make them a vector since they do not loose on the quality when the size is changed. By doing so, you are making sure that there will be no problems when it comes to the printing process. In addition to this, always make a test batch in order to have a taste of it.

With a lot of offers on the internet and providers of design services, it can be hard to choose the one that will do the job properly. You might want to leave it all to the designer and make them do the job for you. This is tempting, but it can be costly, and if you are on a limited budget, you might want to avoid it as an option. Instead, you might want to see into some of the internet sites that provide these services.

Customsticker, for example, is checked by the professionals and can be used to make your own stickers. What we love about it is that it follows you on each and every step of the way and makes sure that all bases are covered. From the design itself and setting the basics of it, choosing color palettes and visual identity, to wrapping up the product, prepping it for printing, and sending the finished product to your address. So, if you want to take the design into your own hands, and use the services that are recognized and tested use This website and make the best stickers.


One other thing that will help you in the usage of the personalized stickers in the marketing campaign is the very placement of them. A good place for them to be put is essential if you want to be noticed. This means that the sticker should be big enough to be seen from far as well as simple enough to be recognized. Hence, be very mindful when doing so since you would like this to be done in the best way possible.


As you can see stickers have not lost their value even though we do live in the modern age where everything goes over the internet. Having this in mind, it is essential to state that choosing a good visual identity important for the recognition of the business or brand being marketed. This design should be done professionally and have in mind that the quality of it is important since you wanted it to be usable. Poor design may lead to less recognition as well as taking the brand less seriously. Placement of the sticker is essential when it comes to marketing, so be sure to use the place that is visible from the distance.


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