Use of Custom Boxes as a Marketing Tactic


Whether it’s a mobile phone or a pizza, everything requires packaging boxes. About 30 to 40 years ago, people were not focusing on the custom packaging that was the biggest mistake. Now the custom packaging is trending day by day in the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada.

People who are still relying on the pre-made boxes are unaware that use custom boxes can be a free yet effective marketing campaign for their company. A famous packaging firm in the USA “Duke Packaging” has claimed that businesses can increase their revenue up to 40% by just updating their packaging designs off and on.

I know you will be surprised to hear about the link between the custom boxes and digital marketing as they seem to be totally irrelevant.

What is Custom Packaging?

Before starting our main topic, we need to share some short but important details about the custom packaging. Let’s start with the definition of custom packaging. The packaging that can be customized into any desired shapes, styles and sizes is called as custom packaging. There are some differences between blank and custom packaging as the custom boxes are manufactured along with some kind of printed artwork on them.

The artwork can include the logo of your company, some precious information about your company, bar codes and much more. In short, the good artwork can make your box attractive and these features are not available in pre-made packaging.

In short, the custom boxes have colorful artwork on them along with the logo and other precious information about your company.

Relation of Custom Packaging with Marketing

So, the artwork of your box has all the necessary information about your company and that is also enough for marketing. In custom packaging, the first impression always matters. Your customer will see your packaging box even before checking your actual product.

Now let’s suppose anyone has seen your packaging boxes and he/she likes your artwork. That person will share the experience of their social circle and believe me that this chain is unstoppable if your artwork is attractive. You are getting a free promotion just on the behalf of your artwork that is printed on these boxes. This marketing campaign is free of cost and very effective for businesses. Almost every packaging company agrees that the use of custom printed boxes is best for the marketing of your product.

If you are using display boxes for packaging, that are usually kept on the front shelves of big departmental stores, it will advertise in front of all the customers on behalf of all the customers. All you need is an attractive custom box and a good packaging company that can prepare a cool artwork for your product.

So, if you are not paying any attention towards your packaging boxes, just start working on them right now. This scenario is true especially for small businesses as they have to compete with the big brands that are already established. So, without the attractive packaging, you will lose the race even before the start.