How often should you use Hand Sanitizers and what to do when it is Recalled?


Using hand antiseptics has become a part of our daily lives, and even if you were doing this before the pandemic started, it is a known fact that in the past two years all of us have carried these products in our bags constantly. There are many benefits that come with them, and first and foremost they are supposed to kill any bacillus that you come in contact with so that you stay protected no matter where you are and what you are doing. However, not all products are good, and here we are going to tell you how to know if your hand sanitizer has been recalled, and we will give you information on how often you should use these products.

How to know if it has been recalled?

When you use these products, the first thing that you think about is protecting your health and keeping any germs and microorganisms away from you. A good hand disinfectant is going to kill most of the bacillus and harmful particles that could lead to infections and diseases in your body.

Nevertheless, there are some products that can do more damage than good, and they may not be as good as they are advertised to be. Unfortunately, many people and brands are trying to make additional profits without giving the things that they tell the customers are included. Some hand sanitizers may have toxic types of alcohol in them, they may not have enough amount of active ingredients that would actually remove all the germs and microorganisms, or they may just be labeled with false claims.

Since a lot of these misleading types of disinfectants appeared on the market, many of them were recognized and they have been recalled or banned from usage. According to Brandability, you need to be aware of what you are getting, and you need to make sure that you are investing in a product that will protect you and will not expose you to any harmful content.

The easiest way to find out if the brand that you are using is safe, or if it has been recalled is to check official websites, like the FDA one, and see the list of brands that have been labeled as unsafe. Note that just because a product is said to be harmful or misleading, it does not mean that there is no way for it to appear on the market.

You can also easily just research the name of the brand that you have been using, or that you are planning on buying, and see if it is approved or if it has been recalled. Know that all of this information is available for the general public, and even though it may sound redundant, you really need to do this check before you use a product. Luckily, you won’t need to spend too much time doing this research, and all the data can be found in one place.

In case you are using products that are available for you in public spaces including restaurants, you should always first research the brand and then use it. If you cannot find enough information on the exact product, then you should just rely on your own antiseptic, or even better, use the restroom to wash your hands with soap and water.

How often should you use them?

Now that you know more about why you should implement these products in your daily life, especially now, let’s see how often you should use them per day. Some of us tend to forget that the sanitizer is in our bag or car, and we do not always use them when we should. However, there are also those of us who use them all the time, no matter where we are and what we have touched.

It has become a habit to use these products every time we leave a store or place that is frequently visited by others, as well as using them before we eat, after we touch something, and even after we get out of the car. These things are all good, and by doing this we will lower the chances of contracting the coronavirus and other microorganisms, but experts suggest that you should not overuse them if you don’t want to risk any issues with your skin or health.

When it comes to how often we can use these products per day, it is said that you are going to be safe no matter if you clean your hands with them once or twice per day, or if you use them every hour. As long as you are not experiencing any allergies, irritation, or inflammation, you should not worry that you may be overusing them. Nevertheless, every person is different and if you are not sure if you are experiencing problems because of a specific, approved brand, it is always better to talk to a specialist that can help you find the best unit for your needs.

Even though it is safe to use them as often as we want, experts suggest that if you have the chance to wash your hands with soap, it is better to do this instead of using antiseptics all the time. Some brands, even the ones that are FDA approved may start to damage your skin when you use them too often, and washing your hands properly with soap and water can help you prevent discomfort and irritations. Note that if you have noticed that your skin is getting too dry or that you are experiencing any discomfort or irritation, you should first try to use them not too often, and if the problem persists, you should first change the brand and then contact your dermatologist.

It is said that even the commercial units that are touched by others are going to help you protect yourself from bacillus and viruses, and as long as you are using brands that are safe and approved, you should not have any issues using them as many times per day as you want. Keeping yourself safe at all times is crucial, and you should clean and wash your hands even after this pandemic ends.