3 Creative Ways to use Glass Markers in your Kitchen


We use many fundamental elements in our cookhouse apart from stainless utensils, wooden spoons, instant pots, etc. Today we will be discussing one of the most essential and valuable tools, i.e. glass markers. If you have been looking for unique ideas to decorate your kitchenette, this can be the best option. Let us check below some points in which you can use these glass markers to show your creativity.

1. Write on glass jars


The best way to use glass markers is to write on transparent glass jars. It will help you in remembering what is kept in the pots easily. So, your guests can read the written part and know what it contains whenever you are partying. You can decorate plates and ceramics with the help of these markers. It is an excellent trick to label different spices, leftovers, dried goods, etc.

2. Great for family projects

Sometimes it is fun to spend time with your family and do something creative simultaneously. You can ask your kids to decorate the windows, mirrors, or cupboards situated in the kitchenette. However, you need to make sure that they use the glass markers carefully because sometimes kids can even create a mess with them. Ask them to draw some stylish designs on it.

3. Try different coloured markers

Another way to design your kitchen using glass markers is to mix and match different tones. Try using different and contrasting colours to create unique effects on the containers. If you want to create something special, use some vibrant shades. Click here to get more information related to glass markers.


  • Kassa liquid chalk markers


Kassa liquid chalk markers arrive in a broad scope of energetic, rich tones that dry rapidly and don’t sully as long as they are not presented to water. The dark ink of these markers likewise works with the simple mixing of at least 2 tones. Each chalk marker accompanies a reversible shot and etches point nib, and you should essentially haul one out and switch it with the other.

These 3mm nibs are solid, and the etch nib is extraordinary for itemized lettering and composing, while the list item is appropriate for overgeneralized terms. As an addition, each load accompanies an additional 2 nibs. These glass markers can be deleted effectively from non-permeable surfaces like glass, blackboard, mirrors, and windows with a soggy material or paper towel. They can be utilized for eatery board signs, blackboard lettering, home stylistic layout, and other various purposes.

  • Arteza Wine Glass markers


The pleasant thing about utilizing metallic markers like Arteza is that they contrast nicely against both dim and light foundations while jumping out against dark foundations. They are also incredible for drawing on glass and other non-permeable surfaces. The ink lays on uniformly and is sufficiently thick, so it doesn’t run.

What we liked about these markers is that they are generally helpful. You can utilize them to draw on a wide range of surfaces, like wood, paper, stones, plastics, mirrors, and fortified glass windows. Notwithstanding where you utilize these markers, the lines and tones consistently come out clear and lively.

  • Reload Metallic Markers

Although these markers are somewhat more costly than the standard marker set since they just hold back 5 markers, we feel like they are worth purchasing if by some stroke of good luck for their clear tones and excellent packaging.

If you are a significant devotee of packaging, this is the one for you. It’s the sort of marker set that you will not be embarrassed to give as a gift since it looks more extravagant than it is. The markers likewise have an excellent quality look to them. It even accompanies a few frills, such as microfiber cleaning material, printable formats, and an eBook.

The maker additionally upheld it with quality development. The whole marker is produced using first-class materials to make them impenetrable to harm. Indeed, even the outside has metallic particles blended in with plastic to create a novel and attractive design.

  • Crayola Washable Window Markers


Crayola window markers arrive in a bunch of 8 launderable markers, which are extraordinary for all glass surfaces and permit you to communicate your inventiveness through composition, doodles, or drawing. They can likewise be utilized on earthenware surfaces, tiles, rocks, and the sky’s the limit from there. This load accompanies an assortment of tones for making dynamic and misty designs.

This item utilizes launderable ink; it’s not difficult to clean its dropouts from the skin and attire. These window markers have the additional differentiation of being a piece of the Eco Evolution by moderating energy and making their items alright for the climate. They utilize reused plastic in their articles, sun-powered energy for production, and plant a tree for each tree slice to make their items.

  • Emooqi Paint Marker

Contrasted with other acrylic paint pens, these indelible marker pens for glass set out the tones thick. Every one of the lines that you draw utilizing these paint pens is generally misty, and assuming some parts are somewhat clear, it is because I didn’t come down on the tip. These markers are ideal when you need to paint on a wide range of materials.

One more decent thing about this item is that the paint dries in only a few seconds, which is more than quick enough to keep me from smirching the colour. So, you should be cautious when utilizing the markers on absorbent materials, as you will experience difficulty eradicating your mix-ups.

To sum up


There are many ways in which you can decorate your kitchen. One of the best ways is to use glass markers. It is a simple and affordable method to do so. Check out the above creative ways to utilize these valuable tools.