Usain Bolt Not Comming To NFL

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Wide receiver is the position on which you need to have insane speed and who would do it better than the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt. Looking him winning races many people asked why wouldn’t he come to NFL and just simply smoke all those that would try to stop him.

There is more than one reason why he wouldn’t do that and to be honest, we think that he is completely right when he declined offers he had from few teams in NFL. We’ll get to those reasons in only a few paragraphs but first, let’s talk a bit about those offers he received.

While we don’t have any official info about what offers and from whom did Bolt get them we did get the confirmation’s that he was talking with few people about that possibility. Here is what he answered and what stopped him from changing the sport: “I used to watch when I was younger, and the hits that the guys used to take, I know that it is not as bad now, but the hits that the guys would take kind of turned me off. … I’ve never really thought about going.”

Obviously, Usain Bolt is in a non-contact sport, and we know that football is a very rich-contact sport and that contact can be devastating. We have guys on the field that are living football, most of them started as kids, and they are used to it, and even then, they get hurt, seriously hurt. What do you think what would happen to a guy like Usain Bolt? He is a top athlete, and his speed is on the whole new level, but still, physical contact in football could be far too aggressive for him.

We need to take into consideration that we do not know what offers did he get. Maybe it was only for a tryout, most likely it was just that. We would be very pleased to see him in at least one practice, so he could show us what he can do.

Another reason why he might not be the best as a wide receiver is the fact that those players need explosive speed. Usain Bolt is fast, very fast, we are pretty sure that he would outrun any NFL player, any human to be more precise, but, compared to few other sprinters he has a slightly slower start. Later in the race, he reaches insane speed and simply runs past by his competitors, its simple as that, but as we said, this position needs explosive acceleration.

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Another position where he might play is the kickoff returner. The problem here might be the fact that he would need to change direction instantly and he might not be the best in this situation. You need to look for openings in the defensive line and attack through there, in most cases, you can’t get through with brute force and when we take a look at the physique of Usain Bolt we are pretty sure that he wouldn’t manage to outpower his opponents.

We are certain that Mr. Bolt is more than happy in its position and that there are no reasons for him to change the sport. He has nothing to prove as he managed to take more than plenty Olympic medals and various other trophies.