Undertaker’s Arch Nemesis is a Cucumber?!


One of the most feared and most powerful WWE stars, Undertaker has a little secret that will sweep you off your feet! Or just make you laugh out loud.

Undertaker had been striking terror into the hearts of his competitors for 27 years before saying goodbye in April. No rival of his actually knew what to do in order to win until they discovered one peculiar thing about the humongous beast. And it is no surprise that some used this against him due to the fact that no one likes to end up in caskets, right? Well, Undertaker has one fear himself – cucumbers terrified him!


Some claimed that this is just an urban legend going around among the stars and fans of WWE but as things stand now, it appears to be 100% true.

Let’s delve deeper and see why we have such a firm belief. Paul Bearer who was a longtime onscreen manager and travel partner of The Undertaker talked about this issue in 2013. Unfortunately, that was also the year he passed away.

‘He cannot stand cucumbers … I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a waffle house because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea.’

Not only did Bearer share that ‘stomach-sickening’ story but he also claimed to have pranked the Undertaker using cucumbers. He would stick a cucumber slice or two into The Undertaker’s gloves and hat every now and then and wait for him to react. However, he didn’t know what the origin of that fear was.

‘It was something to do with when he was a kid … I guess his mother made him eat them when he didn’t want them, or something,’ Bearer stated. ‘He just hates cucumbers.’

Bruce Prichard who was a WWE official also talked about the issue during his ‘Something To Wrestle’ podcast. This happened during an episode that revolved around the infamous backstage prankster Owen Hart.

‘Owen put cucumbers in the bottom of the iced tea so that when Taker drank the tea and drank it back, he didn’t realize the cucumbers were in there until it was looking at his face,’ Prichard said.

Conrad Thompson who is a co-host of the ‘Something to Wrestle’ podcast also revisited a memory of Hart slipping cucumbers into Undertaker’s boots.

There was yet another story how Hart went to wrestle Undertaker with cucumber slices hidden in his tights.

He would proceed to hold the Deadman in a headlock and proactively push cucumbers into his face. The goal was to make him scared or break character.