The Undertaker Having Hip Surgery In New York?


The Undertaker has wrestled in the WWE for 27 years. Nobody in the history of this company can say that. He is the legend in this sport and in the business overall. Even though when he started to get up there in age, he was still performing at a high level. But, the father time is still undefeated, and it was eventually going to beat the Dead Man.

He was wrestling only a couple of matches a year in the past couple of seasons, with three being the most that he has done. Last year, he wrestled only at Wrestlemania 32, while this year he appeared only at the Royal Rumble as a late entrant, of course, and then he wrestled probably the last match of his career against Roman Reigns.

There were reports that he is really struggling with his hip over the past couple of months, but that he wanted to avoid having surgery as that would likely mean that his wrestling career is over. Also, there were many reports suggesting that The Dead Man was in pain before the Wrestlemania 33 and during the battle with Reigns. The duel itself was pretty sloppy, but we can’t blame the Undertaker for that as he gave everything that he had.

Now, The UK Sun reports that Mark Callaway and his wife Michelle McCool have been spotted entering the David H Koch Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. It is a hospital that is very well ranked, so the speculation is that The Dead Man is there to have a hip surgery. This is all just an educated guess, but nothing is official or confirmed yet.