Right now we have five undefeated squads in the NFL. Patriots and Broncos are leading the way as two best teams that still haven’t lost a game. They are followed by the Ravens, Eagles, and Vikings.

Philly is on a bye week, and they will not play on Sunday. So they will remain undefeated after this round. But, which of these four teams is the likeliest to lose their matchup in Week 4?

Let’s start by saying that we are picking both Patriots and Broncos to win their games on Sunday. New England will play against the Bills at home, and they are heavy favorites. Buffalo’s only chance is that both of Brady’s backups are so injured that they actually can’t perform even at a decent level. Pats are just a better team right now than the Bills.

Broncos will travel to Tampa as they are facing the Buccaneers. Winston has been hot and cold, and now he will be going up against the best defense in the NFL. Siemian has been great against Cincy, and he will ride that momentum on Sunday. Broncos will handle their business.

But now things get interesting with Vikings and Ravens. In our picks and predictions, we picked both of these teams to lose in Week 4. But even though we picked the Giants in Minneapolis, we still believe that the likeliest team to lose this week are the Baltimore Ravens.

They just haven’t impressed anyone with three wins against three teams that won’t come close to making the Playoffs, let alone close to winning their division. Oakland Raiders are their toughest matchup so far, and that speaks about the level of competitors they previously had. Ravens always bounce back after a bad season, they are just great at finding the personnel that fits in what they like to do.

But Raiders are coming to town at 2-1, and we are going with Derek Carr and company to win this game in Baltimore and to ruin Ravens’ undefeated record in this season.