UK and US Gmail users face challenges logging into email service


Users around the world of popular email service, Gmail, have raised concern after facing difficulties logging into their email accounts. Reports from some frustrated users online from the UK and the US showed that the popular email client was facing outages as users had problems logging into their email accounts. As the problem continued, users were enraged and vented their anger on various social media platforms.

The problem seems to have come from the Google for Work Gmail users, according to the California based firm. The Gchat conversations were also part of the problem during the outage. One independent website which notices when websites go down and have various outages,, said they had noticed a spike in the number of people who were complaining about the Gmail outages.

One frustrated Gmail user wrote on Twitter that their gmail service was not working at a time when they actually needed some work done, noting that the issue was 911 worthy. Hundreds of Gmail users have come up and noted that the have been facing difficulties with receiving and sending messages on the service, in addition to simply connecting to it. Other users complained of an inability to enter the login portal.

The search giant has confirmed that it knows the problems that users are facing at the moment and as a result they provided a temporary issue. The company posted on their own Apps Status Dashboard noted that they were investigating reports of an outage on the Gmail servers and would provide information accordingly as they got it. Based on the available information, the problem is affe ting users of the Google for Work service as they were redirected to a ‘service not available, contact your administrator’ page.

Thankfully, Google has provided a workaround for users so that they can continue using the service, albeit temporarily. Google noted that if users went to the Gmail Service in Console UI and disabled it, and save the changes. After that, they have to go there again and enable it and save the changes once again. This attempt would bring back the service back to normal.

According to February 2016 statistics, the Gmail service is the most widely used email service and has more than one billion users. Statistics also indicate that close to 60 percent of middle sized companies make use of the service. Back in May 2014, Gmail was the first app to reach one billion downloads on the Android App Store. Gmail was launched back in 2004.