Two Shocking Trades In The NFL Today!


If it wasn’t for the Ezekiel Elliot news, this would be the biggest thing that happened today. Still, this is quite newsworthy as there are guys that are going to switch teams. The thing that makes these trades huge is the fact that nobody expected that these teams that are involved in to want to trade the players that they did.

The team that made the most changes is the Buffalo Bills. First of all, they have traded their star wide receiver Sammy Watkins and a sixth round pick in 2018 NFL draft to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for the E.J. Gaines and 2018 second round pick in the NFL draft. Pretty good move for the Bills as they are looking towards that 2018 NFL Draft.


They have clearly made the decision that they don’t want to compete this year, right? Well, that is not the final move that they have made. The team has also sent Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for wideout Jordan Matthews and the 2018 third round draft pick. Another good wideout that is going to replace Watkins, who is better, but has a lot of trouble staying on the field.

The pick that they have gotten in this trade with the Eagles is also great as they are now going to have at least two picks in each of the first three rounds in the 2018 NFL Draft while they aren’t much worse now since Jordan can do a decent job replacing Sammy Watkins. We understand why the Rams did this as they need some weapons for Jared Goff while the Eagles needed to boost that defense and they have done just that.