Two Huge Matches Being Set Up For Wrestlemania


With less than three months until Wrestlemania and less than three weeks before the Royal Rumble, things in the WWE are going to be heating up. When you add to that the fact that we are also going to have two huge NXT Takeovers and some of the stars from the yellow brand might go to the main roster, we are in for an exciting wrestling season.

The Royal Rumble pay per view is going to be the first step toward building feuds for Wrestlemania. In the Rumble match itself, we are going to get a couple of clashes that will be preparing the scene for the Mania season. The winner will also have his feud set up for the Mania as he is going to be challenging for a world title, either Universal Title or the WWE Championship.

Right now, there are two big rumored matches to happen at the biggest stage of them all. The first one is pretty obvious, and it’s Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. We don’t know how Roman is going to get to that clash. Is he going to win the Rumble? Is WWE going to give him another Rumble in Philly or is he going to get to Lesnar via Elimination Chamber?


On the other hand, this second rumored match is even bigger than this first one and is more surprising. The Undertaker, according to these rumors, is going to come back to wrestle John Cena! Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that this dream battle is penciled in for Mania.

Many people were sad about the fact that we never got these two stars battling it out at Mania and that this was one of the dream matches for both of these two icons of the business that are left untouched in their careers. If Dave is right, we are going to watch The Dead Man yet again at Mania, against the Sixteen-time World Champion.