Two Championship Matches Top The Royal Rumble Match


Royal Rumble match was fun for the two-thirds of the show, but it went to madness in the final minutes. When Roman Reigns entered as the last entrant, the crowd just booed him out of the building. WWE ruined the match with Reigns in it as he was already competing that night for the WWE Universal Championship. That allowed the two championship duels to rise high above the Royal Rumble match.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Championship – People obviously don’t like Roman Reigns’ character, but he can go in the ring. His athletic ability is pretty good considering how big he is. Owens is also a great worker, and these two have a good chemistry together. They move very well in the ring and they are selling for each other.

Great spots with tables and chairs made this match even better. It was booked pretty well until Strowman showed up. Nobody really knew why they decided to have him interfere, but WWE made sense out of it during the Monday Night Raw. In the end, Kevin Owens won, and many people were happy about that.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles – WWE Championship – Even though we have seen this match already, it’s the same thing just like the Universal Title – these guys have great chemistry, and they were able to deliver their best battle yet. This being for the Championship made it even more special as the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

Their regular moves couldn’t win the match for them, so they went for a beautiful series of submission moves. After that didn’t work, they went for their finishers as the crowd was going wild. In the end, it took two consecutive AA’s to put Styles away and for Cena to win his 16th World Title. Instant classic that was better than the Rumble itself and one of the early candidates for the match of the year.