Two Big Stars Sent Home From WWE Tour!


Over the past couple of months, there have been a lot of reports about some of the stars wanting to leave the company, being sent home from shows and having the backstage heat. Now, we can add two names to that list, and these two are the biggest ones yet. We are talking about Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Right now, they are not on the WWE tour with the blue brand.

They were sent home from the tour because they didn’t want to do what was scripted for Tuesday night’s edition of Smackdown Live. After they showed up in the ring and have done what they were supposed to do, the plans were for them to get beaten up by the babyface team, the New Day.

Instead of that, they didn’t want to sell for them and job out to them, so they just left the ring after they finished with their offensive moves. In the end, nobody noticed that this segment didn’t go the planned route since they just ended it prematurely.


The decision was made by the Smackdown Live officials while it was approved by Vince McMahon. Smackdown Live this week took place in Manchester, United Kingdom and that was their last show during this European tour that has been going on.

After that hot feud that Owens had with Shane and the great heel turn we saw from Zayn, the company really didn’t do anything with them, and they are now not all that relevant. That must feel frustrating for Owens especially since he was a part of the biggest feud in the WWE. Now, he is lost in the shuffle, and WWE writers are to blame for that.