Twitter better sells now or Snapchat will erase it


Susquehanna analysts have said that the best time for Twitter to sell is now or it could be surprised it will snap back to its low levels in no time. Currently being traded at $24 per stock, the analysts have said that failure of the Twitter to sell now will result in Snapchat eating deeply into Twitter’s market share.

If any more detail should be witnessed, the company’s stock could go as low as $17 a share and still sinking while that of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram gain greater popularity and have access to advertising share that is equally greater.

Last Tuesday, Twitter’s share sunk by 2% but also gained almost 3% in premarket trades. In the last 3 months, shares have seen an increase of 35% since the acquisition rumor set in.

Advertiser interest in Snapchat has been witnessing high levels according to the analysts which is why it is a threat to Twitter.

According to Susquehanna analysts, the major contending bidders will be, Alphabet’s Google and also Facebook. Google could make use of Twitter to boost its YouTube service. Also, Alphabet has a balance in net cash to the tune of $74 billion which can comfortably take on the price for the acquisition of Twitter. In the meantime, Google according to the analyst is already reaping from Twitter due to the partnership they share in advertising.

Then on the part o Cantor Fitzgerald analysts, they say that the best company to acquire the social network would be Google since it will give Google real-time tweets to add to its search results as well the users’ data that Twitter already has. When acquired, Alphabet will be equipped with a messaging app that will help the company in remaining positively competitive.

In all of this, Susquehanna analysts say it is still Facebook that has the best chance of turning Twitter around for the better as well as improving its revenue. However, at the moment, they said, Facebook has not indicated interest in the acquisition. The rumored contenders for the social network are Inc, Walt Disney among others.