5 Mistakes to Avoid When you’re Choosing TV Stand Designs for Small Living Space

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When it comes to decorating the living room we need to put a fair amount of thought for this space reflects your social persona. From the color of the walls to the drapes and the wall decals, you leave no stone unturned. If you are planning to make the sofa the focal point then you will not worry about the sofa price.

Price does not matter when you want the best to be the highlight of your home. In case you are a gadget freak and have brought a new plasma screen television, this will definitely be the focal point. And in such case, you need to look for tv stand designs that will complement your latest acquisition, explore all latest tv stand designs of Urbanladder.com

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Guide to buying the ideal tv stand designs for your room

Keeping the shortage of space of your room in mind, you have brought a wall mounting television, but you still need to invest in a tv stand for you need to keep your set-top box, remote and other accessories that you have brought along the television and having fixed place for everything helps. So, investing in tv stand designs that are sleek looking and functional will serve your purpose. Yet to make sure that you do not need to constantly change your purchase, here are five tips then you should keep in mind:

  • Know the dimensions: measurements are everything if you want to maximize the space yet not let the furniture eat up too much volume of the room. While wall-mounted televisions need not require a really wide stance, the standing television sets will require the stand to be wide, broad and heavy enough to provide adequate support to the television and all the accessories.
  • Do not opt for fancy: the function of the tv stand is to be the wingman, meaning they will provide the support without being highlighted themselves. Opting for the basic functionality will not only save precious space but also will not clash with your actual focal point.
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  • Avoid unnecessary accessories: since you cannot provide enough space for all the media center and entertainment console, avoid investing in them as more accessories will require more space of your tv stand.
  • Extra features: many designers have developed tv stand designs that double up as bookshelves or cabinets to provide multiple functionalities. But, in case of space shortage, it is better to invest in individual units that can be placed at convenient spots.
  • Be mindful of the screen size: while this seems like an unfair point, but since you are in a tight space, literally, it is best to avoid home theater size televisions as the huge dimension of the television will require an equally wide tv stand which will eat up space.

Investing in proper tv stand designs are essential as they still add a character to the room and the height, color, material, and overall design plays an important role in helping you choose the correct piece for your space. Another way to give a sense of maximum space is to declutter your surface and keeping things organized will make your room not only clean but look spacious.