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Donald Trump believes that he can convince Apple Inc. (AAPL) to bring its manufacturing process to America. Speaking at during an event at Liberty University, the US presidential hopeful said that the US had all the resources and capabilities that a company like Apple and others similar to it can do their manufacturing processes in the United States. He reiterated his belief that companies like Apple are better off keeping their jobs here rather than outsourcing them to other countries.

But Donald Trump is not a stranger to controversy. It seems that his entire campaign is built on making off-beat statements. In addition to this, he has been known to make statements that sound quite outrageous to others. According to Gizmodo, what Donald Trump is saying is not possible at all. The blog goes ahead to add that Trump is living in his own dreamland and that the things he says he will do should not be taken seriously by anyone.

Trump has anchored his campaign message on the fanciful idea that he is going to make America great again. What he means by that, leave alone how he is going to do it, remains unclear. His recent foray into the world of business and how business organizations in the US outsource important jobs to companies in other countries seems interesting. He says that he has always believed that American businesses should carry out their manufacturing processes within America. He thinks he can make all businesses do exactly that.

But the question of whether Apple can accept to shift its manufacturing process to America is interesting. Since the days of Steve Jobs, Apple focused on building a complex global supply chain. The global supply chain that apple built was characterised by outsourcing most of the manufacturing process of its products to leading factories in the world.

Steve Jobs favoured Asia, specifically Japan and China. Factories with cutting-edge technologies and mind-boggling efficiencies handle the complex manufacturing processes for all the devices that Apple designs. Once this has been done, the finished products are shipped and distributed to distributors and customers around the world.

However, back in 2013, Apple decided to carry out some manufacturing process of its Mac in the United States. That has been the closest that the company has been to bringing jobs back to America.

But given a chance, can Trump do it? Barrack Obama attempted to convince Apple to bring its manufacturing process back to the United States; he failed.


  1. The problems that make America a mess are ….
    1…. Proliferation of guns (hello NRA !)
    2… Health Care is a mess. Everyone should poney up, everyone should collect. No opting out. Spread the fee’s across the whole population and they’ll be a lot lower.
    3…No removing the right to vote , for any reason , not even being a Felon. This ferguson Missouri crap about “Make the Jails Dark” has got to go !

    And body cams on every cop wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Nothing more honest than a three handed cashier with the boss watching.

  2. Of Course Manufaturing will be brought back to America !
    By way of 3D printers.
    No actual jobs for joe average will be created this way , however. Stop holding your breath.

  3. And you don’t see a problem with this? This the root cause of what is making America a mess. Problems can’t be fixed because its too easy to block politics and hold it a halt, its not a debate, it’s a stalemate every time. Maybe the presidential race means nothing then, since truly it means nothing. If the Presidential candidates were required to accurately describe what they can and cannot do for the citizens of the USA then you would have a properly informed population that can make an informed decision on election day. Instead of a contest of who can make the most ridiculous promises and convince people they are serious.

  4. Every president would fail then. it’s impossible to stick to promises as there are so many variables which change constantly from day to day. for example war, natural disasters, and economic changes in other countries etc can effect where the budget must be allocated and what decisions are made.

    The President can do very little that’s decisive without the support of Congress. And sometimes the Supreme Court blocks both. When a president promises they usually wholeheartedly want to make those promises and try their best but quickly find out that it is very hard to change the minds of Congress.

    As far as bringing manufacturing back to USA. China minimum wage is about $1.23 buck compared to USA’s $7 to $10. But even then manufacturers in the USA would be paying way more than minimum wage to employees building APPLE products plus benefits etc. It is documented that those employees in China make an average of $350 every 2 weeks at 60 hours per week which comes to 2 bucks (and change) an hour (no benefits) but then again i am betting that they make less than what they tell us.

    If manufacturing moved to USA, the new massive increase in wages would have to be worked into the price of Apple products. The retail price of future iphones would be up to 10 times more ($7000 to $10,000) per iphone, unless iphone is willing to take a nice big hit on their profit margin (which i doubt) to be able to reduce the retail price. Apple also get’s massive tax incentives from China…a savings of hundreds of millions.

  5. The Obama administration should pass a law that say if you fail to deliver more than 40% of your election promises as a president then you should be liable for being fraudulent towards every US citizen that voted for you. I am sure there is a way to interpret that laws as they sit in this manner as they sit.


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