5 Ways a Trolling Motor Can Make It Easier to Fish


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From which poles to use to bait and lures, there is no shortage of accessories you have at your disposal to bag that big bass! However, what you do to your boat can make fishing easier too.

An electric trolling motor from Newport Vessels is the perfect addition to any fisherman’s arsenal of tricks. By using this specialized motor, you can make fishing easier, and you can increase your chances of catching the type of fish you’re out on the water to find.

They Can Be Used on More Than Just Boats

It’s true that trolling motors can be used on every kind of boat. You can find specialized trolling motors for boats like:

  • Pontoons
  • Skiffs
  • Flat Boats
  • Center Console Boats
  • And More!

The trouble is, not all fisherman head out on the water in a boat. Instead, some head out on the water in a kayak or a canoe. It turns out, you can attach a trolling motor to kayaks and canoes too!

In addition to the benefits associated with the other items on this list, using a trolling motor on a canoe or a kayak enables fishermen to focus their energy on fishing and not on the act of paddling. That’s especially important if you plan to be out on the water all day, or if it’s particularly hot and you want to save your strength.

You Can More Easily Maneuver into Tight Places

Large, powerful motors are great for covering large distances. They come in handy for fisherman who want to head across the lake to the opposite shore, but they aren’t very helpful if you want to get into tight spaces. Many fish like to hang out in shady spots near the shore, and the best way to get there is with a trolling motor.

By engaging your trolling motor, you can maneuver through fallen trees and float along the shore where certain fish, like catfish and bass, like to hang out.

You Can Go Places Regular Motors Can’t Go


Not only do trolling motors make it easier for you to go some places, they can allow you to go other places where regular motors aren’t allowed.

No wake zones can be found on nearly every body of water. Most marinas have a no wake zone. In addition, you should always slow down near the shore, as well as swimming areas, near docks, and more. That’s a lot of places you can’t go with a regular motor!

Instead of paddling by hand into these areas, you can use a trolling motor. It keeps your boat moving forward, but it does it at just a few miles an hour. That way, you can get access to the fish in these areas without causing potentially harmful waves.

It Can Keep Your Boat in Place

When you finally find the perfect spot, you want to stay there for a while. Unfortunately, large bodies of water have a different idea in mind. All boats drift. It can be especially pronounced in rivers where the water can easily carry you downstream.

An anchor is one solution, but it isn’t always the most effective solution. If you have too much slack on your rope, you’ll end up drifting anyway. A trolling motor can offer an alternative solution.

Running the trolling motor at a low speed, or kicking on the motor when you notice you’re drifting, are quick and easy solutions to remaining in the same spot while fishing.

You Won’t Disturb Wildlife


Many fishermen don’t notice that their motor affects the number of fish they can catch, but underwater pollution is a real thing.

Some studies are showing that the extra noise from loud motors can impair an animal’s ability to process chemical information. It can interfere with sight and smell too. Fish that use these methods of communication can essentially be blinded or tricked by loud, powerful boat motors.

Trolling motors are a lot easier on wildlife. Not only do they not affect the fish in the water, they don’t affect the animals on the shore either, which is great if you like to watch the birds and other animals while you fish.

If you like to fish, you absolutely have to add a trolling motor to your arsenal of fishing accessories. It’s a great way to practice your skills, and you’re sure to find that you have a lot more fun out on the water too!