Triple H Says WWE has Big Plans For Braun Strowman


WWE Superstar and Executive Vice President Triple H was a guest on the Cheap Heat podcast, and he talked about the Ultimate Thrillride that is Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. He spoke about a lot of stuff, but it was interesting when he talked about Braun Strowman as we don’t really know what is his role going to be on April 2nd in Orlando. As a matter of fact, it seems that Triple H doesn’t know what the “Mountain of a Man” will be doing at Mania.

“Yeah, I am not 100% sure exactly the plan. Look, I can’t imagine…this is the time of the year that everybody is so busy. I haven’t been…Vince has been laying out a lot of this and I haven’t been around for a lot of it because we’ve kind of been running in different directions, so to speak, with a lot of our projects and stuff, so I haven’t had that exact conversation with him. I’m imagining, though, he has got a lot of stuff behind him. I can’t imagine we’re going to just let that fall off, and, surely, there are big plans for him on the other side, I know that.”


Triple H also reflected on a time when Strowman just made his main roster debut. He was green and still learning how to do things in the WWE and on the main roster, but Vince always expected him to be at the highest level. He told him a couple of times not to do something that he did all the time and got angry because of it, but Triple H recalled telling him that he is just beginning his run and trying to figure out what he is doing. Now, almost two years later, Strowman is pretty impressive with his performance and position in the organization.