Triple H Gaining More Power In The WWE


The hardcore fans haven’t been happy with the way this company has been run for years now. They have made too many mistakes and have failed to make a lot of new stars. The quality of the content that they are producing seems not that important. If they are making money, they feel like nothing has to make a lot of sense, and the shows should be good enough for the kids. That is their main goal.

All of this is mostly associated with Vince McMahon and his decisions in the past five years. Many have called for him to step down and hand over the reigns to his son-in-law Triple H who has been doing some brilliant things with the NXT.

Even though McMahon is not going to step down and leave everything to his children and Triple H, the fact of the matter is that XFL is going to take some of his time and he is not going to be able to commit to the WWE full-time.


He relaunched this project in January, and it is going to begin in the summer of 2024. As Dave Meltzer reports, Triple H should be more in command as we are nearing towards the beginning of the XFL.

Vince McMahon will, of course, still be involved with the team, but there is no doubt that Triple H is going to get more power and we are going to see a lot more of his influence on WWE TV.

If he does as good of a job with the guys on the main roster as he is doing with the wrestlers down in the NXT, WWE programming is going to get a lot better and Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live will begin to thrive.