Triple H Explains Why He Has Been Wrestling During Live Events


When we mention the name of Triple H, the first thing that we are able to link him to is the NXT. As the leader of the yellow brand, The Game has done an amazing job as the guy who is overlooking all the talent and all the booking. We can say that the company is in good hands once Vince McMahon is not around anymore as Triple H has proved to be more than capable of making all the big decisions.

Sometimes the fans forget that he is also one of the all-time greats in the ring. He is not an active and full-time performer anymore, but he still loves to throw down in the ring with some of the new stars.

Over the past couple of years, he has been wrestling mostly during the Wrestlemania season and a few big shows here and there. In October and November, Triple H has made quite a lot of live event appearances, and he is a part of the Survivor Series match.

Maybe the reason that he was wrestling at house shows was to prepare for the Survivor Series. That just might be the reason why. Here is what Triple H thinks about him wrestling more this fall.

“What it has done though, it’s been a really cool experience. In the past few years when I’ve had the opportunity to get in the ring, it’s been always based around Wrestlemania and the pressures of, like saying ‘I know you haven’t thrown a baseball all season, but it’s Game 7 tomorrow, World Series. We need you to pitch in Yankee Stadium.’ It’s a lot of pressure.”

Going into the Wrestlemania season, we might see Triple H wrestling not only at Wrestlemania 34 but maybe even at the Royal Rumble in January.