Why 2024 will see Further Trends in Electric Personal Transport


The year 2024 will be huge for electric transport, as well as loads of new and innovative ideas from creators and manufacturers worldwide. Are you interested in exploring some of your new options, or do you want to know what might change in the electric and personal transport industry? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about any new updates when it comes to electric transport.

Top 5 interesting facts about new updates in the electric transport world

1. The year 2024 will be the year for personal cars

In 2024 you will be seeing a lot less public transport, and way more cars. Commuters aim to avoid areas of close interaction due to coronavirus, which is why most people will purchase their own vehicle and use it for their everyday life activities, as well as their jobs. Most governments will advise that you purchase an electric vehicle (EV) since it can lead to stabilization for the next 12 months.


2. EVs will be everywhere

Speaking of EVs, they will be everywhere!. New models and approved battery mileage improvements will make the purchase as well as the use of your EVs a lot more practical. Although they are quite pricey and can increase the pressure on margins, EVs have high-cost investments that will come with better and competitive pricing. You will enjoy them in most big cities, as well as eco-aware countries.

3. Customer engagement will shift, everything will go online

Digital marketing will improve, a lot. This way, cars will get a better reputation and will be easily announced to the world through social media, better video edits, as well as through off-the-chart commercials. In 2019 almost 825,000 cars and some of the best and different models went online, which just shows that virtual communication is going to become the key point and main selling way of goods in 2024.

4. Cloud computing

Infrastructure and optimization will change in 2024 for every major city, state, as well as continent. You will be offered loads of opportunities to unite on-prem + you will enjoy the choice and flexibility features that others will have to offer. This will vary and depend a lot from one place to the other, but you can expect loads of things to change.

5. Renewed focus on cost and efficiency


Efficiency will have to improve in 2024. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are just some of the goals that will further help with the ecosystem. This will also reflect a lot on the public and personal electric transportation system.

Different updates when it comes to electric personal transport: top 5 transportation options

1. Big companies will buy more truck fleets

You will see a lot more retailers buying and placing new orders when it comes to electric trucks. One of these big names was Amazon that bought over 100,000 electric delivery vans from startup Rivian. Big names and big brands will increase the number of electric trucks, and almost the entire Europe will ban the use of diesel trucks in bigger and more urban centers.

2. Scooters are the thing


Electric scooters along with the old-school and plain popular 90s scooters are the most loved and common go-to means of transportation at the moment. These scooters are super affordable, as well as easy to carry around since they are so lightweight. These will help commuters, as well as little kids get from point A to point B, and especially from home to school (if they are not doing online classes, that is). If you are someone who wants to bring them back in style, why not give them a go?

3. Clean energy

EV chargers will grow massively, and you will be able to purchase them in most malls or stores. Renewable energy will be a huge part of the business. Are you someone who is into electric gadgets, and you are on the lookout for the best e-bike, scooter, or skateboard? If so, check out eride360.com as well as their lists of the best and cheapest electric skateboards, scooters, electric flat tire bikes, and many more! They have reviews on loads of different models, which will make your shopping experience quick and easy.

4. Hoverboards

Speaking of different means of transportation, would you be willing to give hoverboards ago? They are quite popular and practical at the moment, and most people will prefer them and enjoy them for their everyday lifestyle and activities. They can be a fun and safe way of transport + they are the perfect go-to for people who live in a warm climate, as well as where there is not a lot of snow or rain. Although a bit pricey, they are quite cool and would make for an amazing birthday present!

5. Urban e-cargo bikes


Last, but not least, you can also explore and get on the trend of e-cargo bikes. These are popular in New York since a lot of companies are giving away these for some of the UPS employers and for their business use. They are practical, as well as great for quick and easy transportation. They are quite lightweight as well, and you will enjoy them for hygienic reasons. You can easily carry them with you in the underground and on the metro, which also makes them perfect and convenient for your work hours!

Ready for your new electric vehicle?

Are you ready to get onto this trend? Want to become a lot more eco friendly? Both men and women, as well as teens and kids, will benefit a lot from their e-vehicle. The best part? It can be anything you want it to be. Nowadays everything is becoming eco-friendly, while not costing a fortune! Let us know which vehicle have you been using for your means of transportation thus far, and let us know if it’s been helpful during the pandemic. We would love to know your experience thus far!