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We know how important our mobile phone is in our daily lives. Mobile technology kept evolving in front of us and pretty soon, we were addicted to the cell phone in our hands. We have not realized yet how entrapped we are in our inability to be without our cellphone. Mobile phones aren’t just about talking and sending messages to each other but have evolved into a device capable of much more than that.

It wasn’t possible previously navigate to someplace using a phone, order food, watch movies, and use it as a security device. Mobile technology keeps on developing each year, and each year it brings about a wind of change to how we use it.  We have entered 2019, and by the end of it, we will have seen many changes in the technology we use every day.

Here are some of the trends that affect mobile technology and which will bring about developments in the technology

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1. 5G Technology– You must have heard so much about 5G services and how it will open our eyes to a whole new level of speed. 5G technology has already been hyped around for its multiple states of use and how it could help a multitude of technology evolve in its application. 5G technology, when it comes in the proper use and functionality for mobile phones, will have a great impact on how mobile phones are used for multiple services. The speed of it will broaden the horizon for the applications and functionalities.  We know 5G phones will be available in numbers soon enough, let us wait to see how deep this change is in the industry.

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2. Internet Of Things– This one is much talked about and is a fascinating idea to involve technology with mechanical inputs and use the internet to make your life easier. Only a mobile phone is required to put it all together and execute the whole process. The evolution of it has also affected mobile technology to a deep level requiring the use of durable and powerful smartphones that can be used to carry out processes with reliability. For example, PaperDoers used the same technology to print out its assignments and package it whenever an order was submitted online.

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3. Artificial Intelligence– Each year, we see how artificial intelligence is being programmed into machines and how work is being done using them. We keep on treading ahead, step by step, to see it become a self-sustainable giant. We have read about how AI use will help automate jobs and help business cut on their costs. It will make much of operations simpler, but questions arise on the ethical use of it. It will obviously make many jobs redundant, and how much it will affect mobile technology, nobody can even comprehend. AI could make our mobile phones be our one-stop shop to sort out all our daily activities and help us with them. For example, OnlineAssignmentWriting uses AI to sort out a customer’s query on mobile and get the machine to deliver changes required by him/her.

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4. Voice and Chatbots– We have seen how much we can ask Siri and Alexa to do for personalized assistance. We have seen how chatbots are being made more advanced by collecting data on chats conducted on a daily basis. There is an attempt to make the chat system completely automated and highly intelligent collecting all the type of data on user behavior and the responses that would satisfy him/her. We have also seen how much voice technology has evolved and there is a greater need to integrate it into our mobile phones. The voice and chat help we get is apt for the time; as technology is getting evolved and the hunger for a more advanced voice and chat help is coming into existence, we will soon see major developments in this area and integration into our mobile phones.


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