Travelling With Disposable Vapes: Here’s How To Do It


Do you want to travel with your vaping device? Well, you can get a bunch of ideas related to travelling safely with your e-cigarettes. It is completely understandable that there are several rules to follow when you move with your disposable vape. This blog will provide complete information about the rules and policies to follow. Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling vapours from a device called a “vape”.

A disposable vape is a type of vape which is non-rechargeable, small in size and prefilled with the e-liquid. It is composed of different built-in components, that’s why these are ready-to-use devices. You don’t need to attach parts as it is easy-to-use giving you the best MTL feel when you begin vaping. Components include a battery, coils, wick, an e-liquid tank, and a mouthpiece. All these components are meticulously integrated for a specific purpose.

Travelling With E-Cigarettes:

You can travel with e-cigarettes, but vaping is prohibited on any airline or flight. You can travel all across carrying your vape devices. Moreover, following the rules and policies is recommended to prevent any difficulty.

Regulations In the UK:

There are strict rules and regulations while travelling with vaping devices in the UK. If you do not follow that rule, you will face severe penalties in return and will pay fines for breaking the rules. Some of these rules are enlisted below:

  • You are not allowed to take disposable kits in your hold baggage; you must keep them in hand luggage.
  • It is illegal to vape on the flight; in case of a breakdown of the law, you will face penalties.
  • You can take a limited number of vapes on the flight; many airlines allow a particular number of batteries to bring, which might also be a restriction for disposable vape.
  • It is restricted not to hold any liquid more than 100ml; therefore, for shortfill e-liquid, you are not allowed to bring more than 100ml bottle.

Policies Of Airports:

Although different airports have their own rules and regulations, bringing a vape in a carry-on is legal in all UK airports; but you are not allowed to vaping at the airport or on a plane. Some airports have a separate lounge for smokers, and others are not allowed to vape within the airport. However, before travelling, you must recheck the rules as they may vary according to the circumstances. Some airport policies regarding vapes are listed below:

  • Exeter Airport:

You are strictly prohibited from vaping in any part of Exeter Airport; you only vape within the departure lounge.

  • Bristol Airport:

Bristol Airport has a separate lounge for smokers on the ground and first floor; other than that, they have very inflexible rules for passengers.

  • Birmingham Airport:

At this airport, you are not allowed to vape in any part of the airport. The smoking area is located outside the airport.

  • London Gatwick Airport:

This airport allows passengers to vape outside the terminal building, but they can use vape devices in the smoking zones.

Recommendations To Follow:

Based on the above-mentioned rules, the followings are some suggestions for you while travelling:

  • As disposable vapes have installed batteries, ensure they are turned off properly.
  • Due to the risk of battery exploration, you must keep your vape in a plastic bag of 1 quart.
  • Although you can bring an e-liquid cartridge on the plane, try not to fly with a completely filled cartridge.
  • It is recommended that you recheck the airline’s policies, as they may vary with time; airlines allow only a limited amount of devices to bring with you, so make sure you do not bring devices more than a limit.

What are the benefits of travelling with disposable vapes?

One of the main benefits of traveling with disposable vapes is that you’ll reduce the amount of waste that you produce. Not only will you be using less e-liquid, but also any excess vapor that is left over after vaping will be condensed into liquid form and can be disposed of easily. This means that you won’t have to waste time and energy trying to clean up an entire e-cigarette device after a trip – just disposing of the disposable parts will do.

Another great benefit of traveling with disposable vapes is that you’ll be able to enjoy your vaping experience wherever you go. If you’re traveling with a regular electronic cigarette device, it may not be suitable for use in certain locations – for example, airports may not allow traditional cigarettes onto planes. However, if you travel with disposable vapes, all you need is some extra juice and you can continue vaping wherever you go! This means that even if your original device isn’t compatible with a new location or country, you can still get your nicotine fix without any hassle.

Tips for staying safe when traveling with disposable vapes

When traveling with disposable vapes, it is important to be aware of the dangers that lurk around every corner. Here are some tips to stay safe when vaping while on the go:

1. ALWAYS keep a vape charger with you – always have a way to recharge your device if needed. This way, you won’t need to worry about running out of battery while you’re traveling.

2. Make sure your device is properly charged before departure – even if you’re not using it, your device will still need to be plugged in for it to be juiced up and ready for use when you get there.

3. Don’t leave your device unattended – whether it’s in your pocket or sitting on a table, make sure someone is nearby in case something goes wrong. If someone finds your device and doesn’t know how to use it, they could damage it or worse, take private photos or videos without your consent!

4. Keep an eye out for theft – especially when traveling in busy areas like airports or train stations where thieves may try to snatch your device from you as quickly as possible. Be proactive and put your devices away securely whenever possible.

5. Use common sense when vaping – avoid carrying large quantities of liquids with you on the go in case they spill and create a potential hazard if not used quickly enough (vapers should store their liquids in a secure container). Remember that vaping indoors can also present risks; always check local laws before vaping in public.

Cap-up Lines:

As discussed above, you can travel with disposable vapes but must follow the law’s regulations for the passengers’ security and ease. Moreover, it is allowed to vape in smoking areas at the airport.