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Yes, most of us ardently desire hassle-free solutions while traveling. I am no exception. Traveling all of a sudden or at short notice is problematic for people like me to handle due to busy professional and social schedules. Whenever I am required to visit a client in another city or plan a vacation with my family members and friends, I am left hanging in thin air to managing it all. Agreed, booking flight/railway tickets and other transportation is possible at the last minute or with short notice; though fares/rates are slightly on the higher side. There are deals and coupons available and I have not faced issues in this regard.

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What has bugged me, however, is the fact, that finding hotels near me becomes a really difficult task at the eleventh hour. Whenever I have to travel on short notice, I struggle to find good hotels near me for staying and end up booking hotels which are located far away from the places that I will be visiting, meaning that I keep spending hours in traffic and commuting. Additionally, I have been deterred from going ahead with any hotel near me due to the last-minute high prices. There is no scope of finding a budget hotel near me at such short notice and I have often booked hotels which charge through the roof for basic amenities and standard accommodation!

In some cases, the charges are way higher as compared to what I’ve got, in terms of amenities, linen, washroom and other facilities that one normally comes to expect. As a result, I dread that whole rigmarole of finding and booking hotels which will either be too expensive and burn a hole in my pocket or will be located far away from my chosen areas. However, I suddenly chanced upon a colleague who was also required to plan sudden visits on short notice. I thought I’d find a sympathetic friend in him, one who had gone through the same misery!

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Yet, he seemed absolutely at ease while booking hotels and even said that it was no big deal when I asked him how he managed to do it. The answer was FabHotels! FabHotels, as I came to know, is one of the leading platforms for hotels booking online. I have been using FabHotels for a while now to find the best budget hotels near me. I am now attuned towards finding a FabHotels near me and do not go for any other options.

Finding a FabHotel nearby is a piece of cake with their Nearby Hotel Finder feature. You get a list of all the hotels which are located near your chosen locations. There is extensive information about all the hotels in Mumbai, hotels in Bangalore plus hotels in 50 cities including their facilities, prices, and other location details. You can compare and choose hotels accordingly. Additionally, all FabHotels properties offer a standardized, comfortable experience which I have personally seen. There are all necessary amenities and there is strategic connectivity to key landmarks, business hubs and other areas that I choose. FabHotels also lowers prices by giving you multiple last minute deals, offers and other rewards which help you get comfortable accommodation at unbelievably low rates! You can also accumulate Fab Credits or reward points by booking directly through the website or mobile app. These can be redeemed for exciting benefits in the future as well.

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I now find it a breeze to book hotels at the very last minute and also get the lowest possible rates on the same courtesy FabHotels. I do not have to compromise and get a hotel away from my chosen location and neither do I have to go overboard in terms of the budget. You only have to visit the website/mobile app, enter in the search details, i.e. your preferred location/landmark, check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests. Just search and find hotels that meet your criteria. Use filters to focus on price, proximity to transportation and other parameters to get the best possible results. The online booking process is seamless and there are multiple payment options available for your convenience.


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