Toyota Tacoma interior done by Carlex Design


If you have heard of Carlex Design, then you know what they are capable of. If you haven’t heard of them, we’ll tell you that they are in terms of the interior a miracle-workers. People who are able to make Nissan GT-R’s interior look like it’s a Pagani one.

Their latest product is Toyota Tacoma which has been remodeled from outside but true wonders were done to the cabin. When you see it, we think that you will share our opinion.

Looking at the exterior, we can notice that Carlex powered-up already mighty Tacoma by adding stealth-like winch at the front of the car, LED light banner on the top of the windshield and arch extensions. Parts of the exterior that are chromed on standard Tacoma have been colored black on Carlex version. Wheels are bigger and are equipped with Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires that fit amazingly on widened and powerful arches. By just looking at it, you can see that entire chassis was lifted.

Next step is the interior, and our feeling is that even if you put a Tacoma owner inside without him knowing that this truck is a Tacoma he could only recognize it by the shape of the dashboard.

The color used for about 80% of the interior is the swampy shade of green. The leather part of the interior has more alligator-like color, and it looks tough and macho. On the roof, there can be found traces of Alcantara that is delivered in a similar shade of green. Standard Tacoma seats are replaced by a sportier pair that comes in a mix of black and green with stitches in contrasting tone that completely opposes rest of the interior in a very fashionable way. A similar situation is with doors that together with dashboard and the rest of the space in between the seats are all covered with the same material. The steering wheel is as you could assume covered in green leather with black ornaments sewed in on the center of it.

Despite the fact that most notable changes happened on the exterior the all-around look of this Toyota Tacoma is simply amazing.