Toyota Motors Corp (ADR) Emerges as the Most Trusted Auto Brand; Fiat Fails in New List


Toyota Motors Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) has been identified as a company that produces the most trusted and reliable cars in a new listing that has emerged. The car maker is identified for its ability to make cars that rarely have any serious issues that may compromise their reliability. Incidentally, Fiat has been identified as an automaker that makes cars which have serious issues of reliability.

It is important to point out that the list is based on the sentiments of consumers. Its results, therefore, reflect what consumers think about the performance of the different companies that make cars. Consumers sought to identify manufacturers whose cars had the least of issues. This was based on the number of cars that could be flagged down as flawed, so to speak, from a batch of cars produced by the companies.

The results indicate that consumers think that Toyota is the most trusted brand. From the results, it is shown that for the case of Toyota cars, only 1 car in a staggering 11,655,566 cars that are produced can be said to be seriously defective. These results underscore the widespread belief that Toyota can be trusted when it comes to making the most reliable cars.

Interestingly, the relatively high score of Toyota alters the big picture of the industry as presented by the results. The difference between Toyota and the second-placed Honda is quite big. Whereas for the case of Toyota, only 1 in 11,655,566 cars that are produced is defective, for Honda, only 1 in 2,782,495 cars that the company produces can be said to be defective.

It can be seen that the difference between 11,655,566 and 2,782,495 is big. This makes the average measure for the first four brands in the industry, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes and BMW, appear quite rosy. This is so because the high score of Toyota props up the average score of the leaders as well as that of the entire industry.

For Fiat, the results indicate that there is a seriously faulty car in every 76,808 cars that the company produces. This makes it rank as the car maker brand that is least trusted by consumers. Fiat is given the company at the bottom of the list by the likes of Cadillac, Porsche and Jeep. Interestingly, observers believe that the list is credible. For example, Colum Wood of Vertical scope believes that the statistical methods employed in developing the list make its results credible. In this case, it is good news for the likes of Toyota and Honda and bad news for the likes of Fiat and Cadillac.