Toyota FT-4X Concept – New ideas but eccentrically packaged!


Toyota clearly decided to shock everybody at this year’s New York Auto Show, and to do so, they are bringing their latest concept called the FT-4X. It will be, without any doubt, at the same time the weirdest, great and futuristic concept out there, which is probably what Toyota is aiming for.

What will probably disappoint some of you out there is the fact that this will definitely not enter any kind of production, and that the sole purpose of the FT-4X Concept is to explore new ideas and capabilities. It is a fully functional vehicle, although, and it aims at attracting the interest of Millennials. What holds this concept together is the company’s TNGA platform which is already in use by the 2018 Camry and CH-R crossover. When we already mentioned the CH-R, it is good to know that the FT-4X Concept and this vehicle are very similar when dimensions are considered, where the FT-4X Concept measures 167.3 inches in length, 71.7 inches in width and 63.9 inches in height. Since Toyota doesn’t plan to build this, as I already mentioned, they just stated that the FT-4X could make use of a compact four-cylinder engine attached to a CVT, but for the purpose of NY Auto Show Japanese brand decided to equip it with AWD and a low-range transfer case.


The idea behind this concept was made real at company’s Calty design facility in California. As you can see for yourself, it kinda has a boxy and retro exterior, which is also according to Toyota a “charming ubiquitous tactility of grips, handles, and controls.” The concept features something called “Multi Hatch” which basically represents two different ways to open rear hatch – in the Outdoor mode, it opens vertically while in the Urban mode it splits in two vertical half-doors, which is very useful, and not to mention awesome-looking.

The FT-4X Concept also offers some other features such as a removable “picture window” incorporated into the C-pillar which can be replaced by a tinted glass panel, and it even includes a GoPro integrated into the driver’s side mirror. In the cabin, you will find a sleeping bag that is placed between the front seats which also doubles as an armrest, plenty of color-coded storage bins and a removable radio that can serve as a boom box as well.

Check out the pictures we have for you and enjoy.