Getting tables concealed underneath or around your desk has always proven to be somewhat of a challenge. Cable management has had many products in which you can easily get your cables out of the way, but then most of the time, you can’t just reach under your desk to change one out.

That was until the designers at numerous office companies decided to change the way we conceal our cables. Using a unique, but very popular basket design, they’ve learned how to utilize and add some basic home organizer features that we use in other areas of our home and convert them into a nice compartment for your cables under your desk. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best under desk cable organizer products out there, with number one being the best, and 5 being the lowest.

TechDek’s Cable Corral


With a sleek design, these cable organizers are the perfect caddy for literally housing all of your cables, as well as your power strips so they’re not on the floor, but can be easily accessed. They are the best when it comes to actually store your cables for you, and organizing them. No more clutter behind your computer or at your feet. Need to change a cable? Put it within arm’s reach under your desk and never lose track of them again.

CableBox Mini


This small box actually has a built-in surge protector and allows you to encase all of your cables neatly away from your desk.

Dotz Re-usable Cable Ties


Dotz has cable ties that are reusable and offer a snap-together approach to having cables ties. What’s also neat with them is that you can label each cord.

Cordies Cable Holder


Cordies is kind of like an on-desk solution. They’re actually very handy, but their main purpose is for cord management on your desk and doesn’t actually “conceal” them.

XL Cable Organizer


With the XL cable organizer, you can spool your cables so that each end is accessible. The only downside is how do put it underneath your desk and while they’re a great concept, they have limited functionality when it actually comes to having the ease of access to your hidden cables.

Why’s Cable Management So Important?


When your cables are all over the place, not only can they pose a trip hazard, but they can also pose a fire hazard when stored improperly. By being on the floor, they are also more susceptible to spills, dirt and dust getting in the outlets, and more. By using a hanging, but just under the desk solution, you can eliminate some of these hazards. That’s why the TechDek takes the cake in this cable management solution. Of course, there are more options, but when you’re putting quality with the price for overall value, these hanging desk decks (known by many as cable corrals) are the perfect solution. Not only that, but most of these “cable management” tools are used to label or position a certain cable, not to conceal everything.


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