Top trends to keep your eye on if you are an Influencer

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The world of influencer marketing is a combination of old and new marketing techniques and strategies. It takes the idea of celebrity endorsements and fits it in today’s media-driven world. Unlike celebrities, influencers can come from any background or industry, and they often have different amounts of followers. However, one thing that they all have in common is that they are social media figures that have a large and loyal audience engaging with the content they post. Their ability to influence people gives them a chance to be a human voice to brands.

As more and more businesses begin to tackle the influencer market, it evolves and adapts to the market almost daily. So, before thinking about your future campaign, here are some trends that you will want to know before starting:

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1. Video marketing will be necessary – video marketing represents more than three-quarters of all internet traffic. Engaging video content can be more effective in boosting sales than any text-based content that you post. Videos feel more authentic, they are fun to watch, and that is why many influences will continue to record video in order to represent a product they are promoting. Instagram stories, videos, and live recordings could be a perfect way to start your video marketing campaign.

2. The cost and value will increase rapidly – as the influencer market grows every day, more brands are going to want to be connected to at least one influencer on Instagram. What this means is that the demand for influencer will become higher, causing the cost of their services to increase. Mainly because influencer will receive more offers to collaborate, brands will need to offer them something more, such as free products or a big discount for their products in order to seal the deal. Hence, it is expected that influencers will be more selective with the companies they will work with.

3. Use an influencer platform or agency – specialized marketing companies, such as MySway, offer you the ability to connect with the companies you think will be the best for you. They will allow you to create an influencer profile, connect with brands, and boost your audience. And, on top of that, you will get paid.

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4. Being authentic will become important – the success of this kind of marketing will have a lot to do with the brands actually connecting to their audience with credible social media influencers. However, because of the increasing demand for influencers, acting as an influencer by having a fake account has become easier than ever. Working with influencers that are not legit can be terrible for your brand, especially if you invest a lot in them, and end up with nothing in return. Because of this, companies will be more careful when choosing the influencer they want to work with.

5. Focus on the storytelling – the influencer world is all about storytelling. Some of the best campaigns are actually created when a brand partners with an influencer that is able to create unique content that will make the audience engage even more. The storytelling concept connects with the audience and makes it more likely to make a purchase from the company the influencer is representing. The influencer needs to capture the audience’s attention in a compelling way. A simple photo with a simple caption and basic hashtags will no longer attract people’s attention to the brand.


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Influencer marketing is rapidly gaining more popularity. It generates positive results in the eCommerce world and more companies will consider partnering up with an influencer or two in order to gain a loyal audience, as well as boost their sales.