Top Sight-Seeing Destinations in Sydney


You probably know that Sydney is the most urbane and oldest city in the whole of Australia and that in its long lifetime it has managed to build everything to everyone. Whether you like beautiful scenic sight around the coast or you like swimming in broad and shallow beaches with golden or white sand, Sydney truly is the perfect vacation place for anyone who wants some adventure in their lives. Sydney is not just about looking pretty, you can also check out awesome, luxurious restaurants or hotels, huge shopping malls and a lot of museums and other cultural locations like the Opera House and many others.

Another thing that is worthy of mentioning for adventure lovers is that Sydney is surrounded by everywhere with national parks that offer you an experience of a lot of diverse natural wildlife and fauna. If you are looking to visit Australia, here are a few destinations you must check out if you are ever near Sydney.

The white-sand Bondi Beach

Located just a few minutes away from Sydney’s center, Bondi Beach is a very long white-sand beach that is riddled with various apartments, hotels, and homes that you can easily find a place for stay. Another thing to note about the Bondi Beach is that it has a great walkway for long walks around the coast and beautiful sight-seeing. While enjoying your time at the beach, you will notice that there a lot of bodybuilders frequenting the outdoor gym, experiences swimmers and surfers because of the beach’s high waves.

There are also various beaches that offer you a place to park your car near the beach and a few locker rooms where you can store your valuable stuff while you are enjoying your time at the beach.

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Sydney’s tallest structure

The Sydney Tower is 1,073 feet tall and is the second tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. From the tower, you can witness almost everything in the city, whether it’s the harbor, the beautiful ocean view, and beaches, or the city’s beautiful architectures. Another impressive thing about the Sydney Tower is the 360 Bar and Dining restaurant, which is constantly evolving. You can enjoy a tasty grill here or a few cocktails with your friends.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

This 30-hectare botanical garden is one of the oldest scientific institutions in entire Australia. In this park, you can find over 7,000 species of plants, and most of them can be easily found in Australia. The Garden is open even on holidays, and it is completely free for anyone who wants to visit this attraction.

Australian National Maritime Museum

This is one of the biggest attractions in entire Sydney because of its historical showcase of every seafaring vessel from the 1900s to the present day. For every ship, you will find detailed descriptions and specifications and even information about its previous crew members. The ANMM is one of the few museums that are operated by the federal government.