Top Reality Shows to Watch in 2019

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Every year all the networks come out with a new slate of TV shows that we are compelled to watch. They are either new seasons of old shows or completely new premiers that will keep our eyes fixed to the screen and our buts in seats for the better part of the year. Reality TV shows have always been a thing. Ever since the Big Brother boom, we have had a number of interesting, weird, wacky and shocking reality shows.

When everybody thought that the hype that has surrounded these types of shows is finally subsiding, the viewing numbers showed us differently. In 2019 alone there is a record number of reality shows that you can binge watch whenever you want.

Here are some of the best reality shows that will blow your mind in 2019

The Masked Singer

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Singing completion shows are still popular but the creators of Masked Singer decided to go a step further. Instead of featuring nobodies that competed against each other in a singing completion, they pitted celebrities wearing costumes.

It is loads of fun and you often cannot look away from the weirdness and excitement that Masked Singer brings.

Relatively Nat & Liv

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Move down the Kardashians because Relatively Nat & Liv are coming! This is a reality TV show which features cousins and influencers Natalie Halcro (read her bio at and Olivia Pierson as the main characters of the show.

We watch them as they try to juggle flashy and exasperating lives in Los Angeles and balance it out with close-knit and conservative families back home in Vancouver. Halcro and Pierson have established themselves as fashion and beauty influencers are it is hilarious to see them in all kinds of situations that befell them on a daily basis.

Dating Around

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To prove that Reality Shows are still at their height is the fact that Netflix is getting on board. They have done this with their feature show called Dating Around. Being backed up by Netflix alone is enough to get people hyped about this one.

The premise is fairly simple though. In each episode, a guy goes out on a couple of first dates with random women and the goal is to get invited to a second one.

Temptation Island

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You can probably guess what Temptation Island is just because of its name. Well, actually you couldn’t! It is reality TV at its strongest and highest.

A number of couples go on a resort called Temptation Island in order to see if they are really meant to be with each other. And how are they going to do it? By dating other people around them. It is reality TV that brings you everything you’d expect to see from that kind of a show.

Mexican Dynasties

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Mexican Dynasties can only be described as the Kardashians meet Real Housewives. The former show has proven its quality because of the compelling lives of their main cast member, while the latter has managed to borne out numerous spinoff shows from each part of the US. So we know that we have a winning formula on our hands.

But the difference with Mexican Dynasties is that it brings three of the most prominent families from Mexico city together; the Bessudos, the Allende, and the Madrazo. Essentially, they are all friends from before and we watch them as they all get into some Real Housewives type situation before our eyes.

Made in Staten Island

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Made in Staten Island is a reality show that follows around a bunch of youths who are dealing with their crime families. The premise is of course Staten Island and the show is aired on MTV (yes MTV! When was the last time MTV actually played music).

What is interesting about this show and what gives it a better pedigree is that it was produced by Karen Gravano, the daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano the infamous mobster. But Karen has a great record behind her as she has already produced shows like Mob Wives before this one, promising us good TV and all kinds of messed up situations to look forward to.