This year is flying by, and we have already seen some amazing artist-designed concept vehicles that just leave us longing production cars. There have been numerous renderings so far and choosing just nine is slightly difficult, but we have managed to pick out best of the best.

9. BMW M Coupe Concept

BMW M Coupe Concept 850x478

This rendering has more than 2,300 shares on social media, and it is created by Finnish rendering artist Esa Mustonen. The BMW Z3 M Coupe concept combines modern with traditional, and we would love to see a car such as this rolling out of the factory.

8. Ferrari 612 GTO III Concept

ferrari 612 gto iii concept 850x478

The iconic moniker hasn’t been used since 2010, but artist Sasha Selipanov joined forces with CGI rendering specialist Sergiy Dvornytskyy to create this handsome GTO III concept.

7. Torino 380 Concept

Torino 380 Concept 850x478

The Torino 380 concept looks like something you have never seen before, and it is the courtesy of artists Fecund Davila, Marcelo Romero and Lucas Basile. The concept brings the iconic coupe and moniker back to life with its futuristic and retro vibes.

6. Porsche 911 Concept

Porsche 911 Concept 850x478

Sasha Selipanov worked on Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 612, but one of his most popular creations is the Porsche 911 concept. It is similar to the production vehicle, but it has some design cues taken from the Mission E Concept.

5. 2019 Tesla Roadster Concept

2019 Tesla Roadster Concept 850x478

The Tesla Roadster will soon be introduced, and artist Jan Peisert created this interpretation of the upcoming vehicle that is based on the Toyota FT-1 concept. The rendering actually looks cool, and we would like to see a production car like this one.

4. Bugatti Type 57 T Concept

Bugatti Type 57 T Concept 850x478

Bugatti Chiron and Veyron are both outstanding vehicles, but if you want more luxury, Arthur B. Nustas is the designer you need to call. His Type 57 T combines elements from the Chiron and the Type 57SC Atlantic, and the result is a perfect touring car.

3. McLaren Hypercar Concept

McLaren Hypercar Concept 850x460

McLaren has forged the “Track22” business plan, and a new incredible supercar is on the way. It will be the worthy successor of the P1, and this is how student Raleigh Haire sees the new vehicle:

2. Jaguar SS-107 Le Mans Concept

Jaguar SS 107 Le Mans Concept 1 850x478

Jaguar has always been successful on the track, but the company’s focus has switched to some other things lately. Designer Serdar Soyal has created a rendering which shows what Jaguar is all about. It is called the SS-107 concept, and it has modern racing tech combined with XJ220’s classic cues.

1. Maserati Genesi Concept

Maserati Genesi Concept 850x460

Imagine a vehicle such as this one created by Sergey Dvornytskyy. It is the handsome Genesi Concept that was inspired by Gran Turismo and the Alfieri concept, and it previews the beautiful sports car that would show the true potential of the Italian carmaker.



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