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Kill Your Time With These Best Zombie Games

Technology is always changing and nowadays mobile phones are the main source of entertainment millions of people all over the globe. The TV is slowly fading away and people are slowly losing interest in PCs as well. You can call, text, take photos, post, blog and even play games using your smartphone so why get anything else right? Well, we don’t agree and we think that having at least one video console can make your time much better than sitting by a mobile screen and staring at that small display.

Consoles like Playstation, Xbox, and PSP have been around for quite some time now and grossed mass popularity over the course of years. Many games are adapted for these and everyone can find what they like. And if you are a fan of horror games – well we have quite a number of zombie ones to suggest. Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at the best zombie games that you can KILL your time with!

Best Zombie Games Out There

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1. Dead Rising 4. This excellent game available for Xbox One, PS4 and even regular PC and a sequel to a world-renowned Dead Rising brings more zombie action that you could ever imagine. You are in the role of Frank West a photojournalist who happen to have an arsenal of different weapons by his side ready to slice any zombie that comes in his path.

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2. Dying Light: The Following. If you are a fan of driving and fighting off the zombies then this game is once again a great choice for you. Available on PC, Xbox, and PS4 (same as the previous one) it will give you a great open field experience where you will get the chance to slash, dodge, and exterminate the virus infected zombies who are running after you!

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3. MediEvil Ressurection. As the suggests a remake of the 1998 game it offers an excellent zombie-killing action in a form of a PSP console game. And along with that, you will not be alone on the path as you will encounter skeletons and gargoyles along the way as well.

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4. State Of Decay 2. Available to play at PC and Xbox One it is a much better version than its predecessor and will allow you an open-field zombie action. You are telling your first-person tale as one of the rare survivors of the zombie-infected On the path, you try to collect as many needed resources and befriend the few left people that haven’t turned into zombies, YET.

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5. Resident Evil (PS Store). Mainly intended for PSP this game quickly became a major hit and is still played by thousands as one of the best horror games ever invented. And it was an inspiration to horror pop out GIFs that quickly took place after its release. Install it and you will thank us later!

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6. Resident Evil 2. The sequel available for other consoles as well allows for an even better plot and more skill that you need to invest if you want to come out on top of the zombie adventure. You will want to save your ammo and don’t waste it on empty shootings as in any given moment many zombies may appear in front of you and you don’t want them eating your brains out, right?

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7. The Last Of Us. Embarking on the Joel and Ellie’s quest of survival you will be in the role of one of the few left in the post-armageddon USA that is now crawling with zombies. And once again you don’t want to go all in as soon as you see some but rather play it more strategically and conserve your strength and ammo for the crucial points of the game.

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8. Silent Hill: Origins. Last but not least when it comes to this list of zombie games on PSP is this dual-world game in which you will be encouraged to do some puzzle-solving and fight off the many undead enemies that you come across!


The above mentioned are just a few of the best zombie games for the given consoles and we guarantee you will be having a lot of fun by the display screen. And believe us let it be the day hours as if you play it right before you sleep chances are you will be awake by the rising sun!


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